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Senior Lawyers Committee

The Senior Lawyers Committee shall serve the interests and needs of the profession by fostering an interchange of ideas, sharing the accumulated knowledge and experience of its members and addressing issues that are of particular significance to senior lawyers.

TAKING the HIGH ROAD: Professionalism Through the Eyes of the Judiciary A Roadmap for Improved Interactions Between Bench and Bar (Vimeo) Staff Contact    Lani Fraser
Marianne Aubel Trussell Chair Tallahassee  2016
Myer John Cohen Vice Chair Pompano Beach  2016
Linda Ann McCullough Vice Chair Plymouth  2016
Carl Henry Perdue Vice Chair Boca Raton  2016
John Mitchell Stewart Board Liaison Vero Beach  2016
Maria E Antonatos Coral Springs  2016
Timothy J Armstrong Ponte Vedra Beach  2016
Carole Joy Barice Brooksville  2016
Terry Lytle Bledsoe New Smyrna Beach  2016
John R Bonner Alachua  2016
John D Buchanan, Jr. Tallahassee  2016
John Pollara Cardillo Naples  2016
Gary Michael Carman Miami  2016
Emily Ann Criste Indialantic  2016
William Edward Curphey, III Bradenton  2016
William Chris Davell Fort Lauderdale  2016
Lewis Warren Fishman Miami  2016
Gerard Joseph Flood North Venice  2016
James Kerr Crain Glober Jacksonville  2016
Dorothy Fleming Green Orlando  2016
John Kevin Griffin Fort Pierce  2016
Martin L Haines, III Lake Park  2016
Lindsay R Hall Harrison Oviedo  2016
Chase Ellis Hattaway Orlando  2016
Susan R Healy Bonita Springs  2016
Jane Elizabeth Hendricks Alachua  2016
John Joseph Lazzara Tallahassee  2016
Caroline Elizabeth Johnson Levine Tampa  2016
Tom E Lewis, Jr. Tallahassee  2016
Rosa Emilia Llaguno Miami  2016
Frank Edward Maloney, Jr. Macclenny  2016
Jerry Maurice Markowitz Miami  2016
James Cheney Mason Winter Park  2016
David Michael McDonald Miami  2016
Barnaby Lee Min Miami  2016
Patricia Roe Morton Naples  2016
Alexander Myers West Palm Beach  2016
Patrick H Neale Naples  2016
John Charles Nemeth Columbus  2016
Jean Frances Niven Tampa  2016
Heather A. Patchen Miami Lakes  2016
Judith B Paul Gainesville  2016
Ronald Stephen Robins Boca Raton  2016
Glenn R Roderman Fort Lauderdale  2016
John Jacob Schickel Jacksonville  2016
Peter S Schwedock Weston  2016
Jenny Scavino Sieg New Port Richey  2016
Leonard Irwin Singer West Palm Beach  2016
Donald A Smith, Jr. Tampa  2016
Leslie Kathleen Reicin Stein Tampa  2016
Robert J Stommel Naples  2016
Christyna Michelle Torrez Naples  2016
Daniel Richard Vaughen Deland  2016
George Lee Waas Tallahassee  2016
James William Whitney St Petersburg  2016

[Revised: 7-1-2015]