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The purpose of the Animal Law Committee of the Florida Bar is to monitor and inform the members of the Florida Bar and the citizens of the State of Florida regarding significant developments in the growing practice area of Animal Law. The Animal Law Committee takes an active role in communicating about and reviewing proposed legislative changes and has, and will continue to, hold an annual seminar addressing animal law issues, including how such issues affect more traditional legal practice areas. The Animal Law Committee also conducts research regarding specialized areas of concern for this practice area. The Animal Law Committee meets at least three times a year to share new information regarding this practice area. In general, the Animal Law Committee brings together attorneys who practice Animal Law and have experience with Animal Law issues. The strength of the Animal Law Committee is that it encompasses a dedicated group of attorneys with a specific interest in the interaction between animals and their environments and surroundings, and how statutes and case law are evolving to accommodate and integrate these interactions with each of the currently accepted and more traditional areas of legal practice.

Florida Animal Law Statutes
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For more information on the purpose and goals of the committee, background information on the development of animal law, and explanation of need for an Animal Law Committee, please see the Application to the Florida Bar Board of Governors for Approval of Formation of an Animal Law Committee.
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Ralph A DeMeo Chair Tallahassee  2015
Jennifer Ann Dietz Vice Chair Tampa  2015
Gregg Riley Morton Vice Chair Tallahassee  2015
Gilbert Russell Panzer, Jr. Vice Chair Boca Raton  2015
Sarah Rissman Taitt Vice Chair Kissimmee  2015
Renée Elise Thompson Board Liaison Ocala  2015
Julia Marleen Ahearn Tallahassee  2015
Jane Almy Daytona Beach  2015
Judith Stevenson Arco West Palm Beach  2015
Reba Elizabeth Atchison Delray Beach  2015
Mark J Aubin Tampa  2015
Barbara M Ballard Marco Island  2015
Christopher M. Ballard Clearwater  2015
Lisa Hu Barquist Miami  2015
Valerie Barton Barnhart Fort Lauderdale  2015
Dawn Berlanga-Helms Orlando  2015
Brett Michael Berman Miami  2015
Cecilia Mary Bidwell Tampa  2015
Elizabeth L Biffl Washington  2015
Helenemarie Mirle Blake Miami  2015
Lauri Bloom Miami  2015
Lisa M Boswell Wellington  2015
C Bryant Boydstun, Jr. Saint Petersburg  2015
Marisa Lyn Boysen Fort Myers  2015
Gail C Bradford Orlando  2015
Mike Breen Sarasota  2015
Ashley Dillman Bruce Fort Lauderdale  2015
David J Brunell Lakeland  2015
Adrienne Dessy Burke Fernandina Beach  2015
Ross Stafford Burnaman Tallahassee  2015
Melinda H Butler Tallahassee  2015
Jennifer Lynn Carman Miami  2015
Andrew Brett Carrabis West Palm Beach  2015
Avery Spencer Chapman Wellington  2015
Erin JoAnne Coburn Tallahassee  2015
Phyllis Gallub Coleman Fort Lauderdale  2015
Jessica Marie Cooper Tampa  2015
Ilona M Demenina Aventura  2015
Bernice Alden Dillman Coral Springs  2015
Diana Marie Ferguson Tallahassee  2015
Amanda Elizabeth Finley Fort Lauderdale  2015
Christopher Denton Forrest Venice  2015
Kathleen Carol Fox Alachua  2015
Lisa Ann Franchina Orlando  2015
Erin Gaskin Miami  2015
Natalie Giachos Coral Springs  2015
Roy L Glass Saint Petersburg  2015
Shawn Allen Goforth Tampa  2015
Helaine Siegel Goodner Miami  2015
Nancy Louise Grier Saint Augustine  2015
Michael Scott Herring Sanford  2015
Margaret Rose Hoyt Oviedo  2015
Vanessa Hugo Denver  2015
Catherine Day Hult Largo  2015
Debbie Lorraine Jones Cockeysville  2015
Philip Noble Kabler Gainesville  2015
Amy Kaplan Ft Lauderdale  2015
Seth Robert Kaplan Boca Raton  2015
Colleen Kasperek Spring Hill  2015
Jamie Allison Klapholz Tampa  2015
Jovita Wysocka Kravitz St Petersburg  2015
Fred Martin Kray Gainesville  2015
Monique Eileen L'Italien Palm Springs  2015
Dania Lynn La Civita Coral Gables  2015
Zachary F Lawton Tallahassee  2015
Marcy I LaHart Gainesville  2015
Barbara S Levenson Miami  2015
Jennifer Marie Lipinski Palm Beach Gardens  2015
Adam C Loeb Miami  2015
Steven Mark Logan West Palm Beach  2015
Sheryl Joyce Lowenthal Miami  2015
Nancy Beth Mag Palm Harbor  2015
Kimberlee Anne Martin Orlando  2015
Timothy C Martin St Petersburg  2015
Maria Isabel Matthews Tallahassee  2015
Tricia Matthews Tallahassee  2015
Katherine R Maxwell Miami  2015
Mary Reid Mayo Morelly Edgewater  2015
Gabriel Dante Mazzitelli Miami  2015
Kathleen McCarthy Fort Lauderdale  2015
Janet A McDonald Lakeland  2015
Debra Jacqueline McPherson Largo  2015
Ninowtzka Mier Davie  2015
Justine Ann Mikolaitis Coconut Grove  2015
Arin Sarisse Miller Wellington  2015
Samuel Ross Miller West Palm Beach  2015
Andromeda Monroe Fort Lauderdale  2015
Amy Melissa Morse West Palm Beach  2015
Stephanie Anne Morse Tallahassee  2015
Gretchen Adel Myers Tampa  2015
Adam Joseph Nate Tampa  2015
Gary Ian Nesbitt Aventura  2015
Melanie Archer Newby Sarasota  2015
Carly Marie Newman Orlando  2015
Thomas Kevin Nicholl Orlando  2015
Lisa Ott O'Neill South Miami  2015
Carla Jane Oglo Tallahassee  2015
Amanda Diane Perry Orlando  2015
Daniel Wayne Perry Orlando  2015
Susan Elaine Prine Pierce Sanford  2015
D Kim Radcliffe Orlando  2015
Sally M Richardson Miami  2015
Arlene Carol Richman Hollywood  2015
Jacqueline M Rockwell Tampa  2015
Matthew Joseph Rolla West Palm Beach  2015
Monique Rolla Lake Worth  2015
Timothy William Ross Miami  2015
James David Rowlee Fort Lauderdale  2015
Caroline Louise Gallina Saiz Doral  2015
Frederick Charles Sake Miami  2015
Robert Scavone, Jr. Miami  2015
Lenore Schiller Lake Wales  2015
Robert David Shapiro Coral Gables  2015
Daniel C Shatz Miami  2015
Bryan L Shorstein St Augustine  2015
Aleksandra Joanna Sikorska Miami  2015
Steven Brent Spain Orlando  2015
Paul N. St. John Clermont  2015
Melvin David Stack Daytona Beach  2015
Mary Musette Stewart Longwood  2015
Susanne Marlene Suiter Brooksville  2015
Isabelle Marie Tassi Tampa  2015
Robert Lon Teitler Fort Lauderdale  2015
Lilliana Torreh-Bayouth Miami  2015
Laura Anne Triplett Tampa  2015
Denese Venza West Palm Beach  2015
Paul Leonard Wean Orlando  2015
Karen Elizabeth West Brooksville  2015
Julie Ann Wheeler Orlando  2015
Steven Charles Williams West Palm Beach  2015
Nancy Cheryl Wilson Geneva  2015
Deborah A Wolford Weston  2015
Karen M Wood Bradenton  2015
Laura Melissa Youmans Tallahassee  2015
Erin Amate Zebell Orlando  2015
Cyrus Patrick Zomorodian Jacksonville  2015


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