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Standing Committees
Florida Bar Journal/News Editorial Board

The scope and function of The Florida Bar Journal/News Editorial Board is to advise and assist the editorial staff. The board works closely with the Journal and News staff to develop articles of current interest and concern to the profession and, as a reviewing board, selects for publication only the most worthy manuscripts.
Staff Contact    Cheryle Dodd

K Denise Haire Chair Boca Raton  2017
Misti H. Zaruches Barnett Vice Chair Fort Lauderdale  2017
George Lee Waas Vice Chair Tallahassee  2017
Roland Sanchez-Medina, Jr. Board Liaison Coral Gables  2017
Jodi Katzin Abramowitz Tallahassee  2017
Don Christopher Alfonso Tampa  2019
Ariadna Alvarez Fort Lauderdale  2018
Gary Scott Clendenin New Port Richey  2017
Edward Joseph Comey Brandon  2019
Andrew J. Daire Boca Raton  2019
Michael Lewis Forte Tampa  2017
Gary Steven Gaffney Delray Beach  2018
Pearl Goldman Fort Lauderdale  2017
Michael G. Haire, Jr. Tallahassee  2017
Susan R Healy Bonita Springs  2017
Anthony Stuart Hearn Miami  2017
Debra Hill Jacksonville  2017
Jamie Wershbale Karpman Jacksonville  2019
Alexa Revord Larkin Tampa  2018
Sara Louise Alpert Lawson Tampa  2017
Craig Robert Lewis Ft Lauderdale  2017
Adam C Loeb Miami  2017
Ryan David Malkin Bal Harbour  2017
Allison Claire McMillen Orlando  2018
Carla Michelle Newman Macclenny  2017
Suzann Ordile New Hope  2018
Daria Pustilnik West Palm Beach  2019
Patricia Lindsey Reid Vero Beach  2019
R Jason Richards Pensacola  2018
Erica W Rutner Miami  2018
Kara Lynn Stachel Fort Lauderdale  2019
Shari Campbell Wallen Fort Lauderdale  2019
Courtney Elizabeth Walter Miami  2018
Windy L. Wilkerson Brandon  2018
Barbara Ballard Woodcock Bonita Springs  2018

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