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Code & Rules Of Evidence

The scope and function of the Code and Rules of Evidence Committee is not the same as other standing "rules" committees of The Florida Bar. This is because the law of evidence is established by the legislature and codified in the Florida Statutes rather than promulgated as rules of procedure by the Florida Supreme Court. Therefore, the committee does not strictly follow the procedure for amending rules as set forth in Judicial Administration Rule 2.140. Instead, the committee's primary focus is on proposed legislation; rule amendments are proposed only as a technical matter to ensure that the Supreme Court's Rules of Evidence comport with the code, Chapter 90, Florida Statutes.

See the Rules of Procedure page for full text of the rules and any proposed amendments.
Staff Contact    Ellen Sloyer

Thomas Charles Allison Chair West Palm Beach  2016
Nicholas Patrick Merriweather Vice Chair Bartow  2014
Timothy Michael Moore Vice Chair Miami  2016
Michael Scott Sharrit Vice Chair Jacksonville  2014
John H Hickey Board Liaison Miami  2014
Perry Michael Adair Coral Gables  2015
Kristin Maria Ahr West Palm Beach  2014
Robert William Batsel, Jr. Ocala  2015
C Suzanne Bechard Tampa  2014
Alexander Billias Naples  2015
Jonathan Michael Blocker Orlando  2016
Gregory Paul Borgognoni Coral Gables  2016
John R Chapman, III Fort Lauderdale  2015
Michael Paul Chauvin Melbourne  2016
Aaron Michael Clemens Deerfield Beach  2015
Patrick Power Coll Jacksonville  2015
Luis Delgado, Jr. West Palm Beach  2016
Cynthia Moore Dennen Tampa  2015
Patricia M Dodson Jacksonville  2016
James Norcross Floyd Tallahassee  2015
Jon Taylor Gatto Tampa  2015
Maria DiBlasio Hale Orlando  2014
Andrew Hamilton Tampa  2015
LaShawnda K. Jackson Orlando  2016
David Arthur Jones Orlando  2015
Macon Maurice Jones Macclenny  2016
Edward Louis Larsen Naples  2015
Dean Nelson Livermore New Port Richey  2015
Richard W Mantei Jacksonville  2016
Sheila Dawn Norman Tampa  2015
Robert Emerito Paradela Fort Lauderdale  2016
Michael J Pike West Palm Beach  2014
Benjamin Lawrence Reiss Miami  2014
Christina Marie Sánchez Melbourne  2016
Peter Anthony Sartes, II Clearwater  2016
Michael Strauch Miami  2016
Laura E. Ward Tampa  2016
Joshua Clark Webb Tampa  2015
Gregory Scott Weiss Stuart  2015
Joel Richard Wolpe Miami  2016
Dean Theodore Xenick West Palm Beach  2014

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