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Admiralty Law

The scope and function of the Admiralty Law Committee is to study and keep members of the Bar informed of recent developments in the field of admiralty law. The committee along with the Rules Committees should review and study the portions of the Federal Rules of Procedure and United States Code relating to admiralty matters and local rules relating to admiralty matters in the various United States district courts in Florida. The committee may study and consider matters in the area of admiralty law and procedure as may be developed by the committee or assigned by the president or Board of Governors and assist in developing continuing legal education courses for persons designated in admiralty law.
Staff Contact    JoAnn Shearer

Lindsey C Brock, III Chair Jacksonville  2016
Raul Julio Chacon, Jr. Vice Chair Miami  2016
C. Ryan M. Eslinger Vice Chair Jacksonville  2016
Stephen Manning Moon Vice Chair Cocoa  2016
Alan Sanders Richard Vice Chair Tallahassee  2016
Scott Andrew Wagner Vice Chair Coral Gables  2016
Walter Gordon Campbell, Jr. Board Liaison Fort Lauderdale  2016
Erin Jeane Ackor Coral Gables  2016
Daniel William Anderson Clearwater  2016
Timothy J Armstrong Ponte Vedra Beach  2016
Theresa Montalbano Bennett Fort Lauderdale  2016
William Russell Boeringer Coral Gables  2016
Adam Brum Tampa  2016
Mark Jeffrey Buhler Altamonte Springs  2016
Danielle Justine Butler Fort Lauderdale  2016
William Edward Cassidy Miami  2016
Michael E Conroy Miami  2016
Barbara A Cook Stuart  2016
Attilio Maria Costabel Miami  2016
Robert Alexander Craven Saint Petersburg  2016
Charles Gullette De Leo Miami  2016
Mark Robin Ercolin Fort Lauderdale  2016
J. Rice Ferrelle, Jr. Jacksonville Beach  2016
Michael T Flanagan Coral Gables  2016
Joanne Mary Foster Stuart  2016
Robert Louis Gardana Miami  2016
Michael Frederick Guilford Miami  2016
Thomas Wiley Hodges, III Tampa  2016
David J Horr Miami  2016
Peter Robert Hunt Palm Beach Gardens  2016
Melissa Lynne Johnson Fort Lauderdale  2016
James Jones, Jr. Miami  2016
Christian David Keedy South Miami  2016
John W Keller, III Coral Gables  2016
Allan Richard Kelley Miami  2016
Demetrios Chris Kirkiles Fort Lauderdale  2016
Christopher R. Koehler Tampa  2016
Euyelit Adriana Moreno Kostencki Miami  2016
Melissa Nicole Kruegel Palm Beach Gardens  2016
Craig Patrick Liszt Miami  2016
Ryon Lyndon Little Miami  2016
David Robb Maass Palm Beach  2016
Jason Robert Margulies Miami  2016
Robert Dewitt McIntosh Fort Lauderdale  2016
Michael William McLeod Boca Raton  2016
Jineane Rae McMinn Jacksonville  2016
Tonya J. Meister Miami  2016
Jacob John Munch Tampa  2016
David Avellar Neblett Miami  2016
Carl Richard Nelson Tampa  2016
Adria G Notari Miami  2016
Patricia Kathleen Olney Merritt Island  2016
Philip Dixon Parrish Miami  2016
Robert Dwight Peltz Miami  2016
James Hubert Perry, II Miami  2016
Richard Dennis Rusak Miami  2016
Nicolas George Sakellis Miami  2016
Timothy Peter Shusta Tampa  2016
Tyler Jon Tanner Miami  2016
Kassandra Cecilia Doyle Taylor Miami  2016
Eric Christopher Thiel Tampa  2016
John Howard Thomas Miami  2016
Matthew John Valcourt Miami Lakes  2016
Michelle Otero Valdes Coral Gables  2016


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