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Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Mission: To increase diversity and inclusion in The Florida Bar so that the Bar will reflect the demographics of the state, to develop opportunities for community involvement, and to make leadership roles within the profession and The Florida Bar accessible to all attorneys, including those who are racially, ethnically and culturally diverse, women, members of the LGBT community and persons with disabilities.

The purpose of the Voluntary Bar Association 2014-2015 Diversity Leadership Grant program is to support initiatives and programs which encourage diversity, diversity training and dialogue among lawyers in Florida through financial support of conferences, seminars, summits and symposia planned and hosted by local and specialty bar associations. The application for 2015-2016 is currently being revised. Voluntary Bars will be notified when the application is available.

For a schedule of upcoming grant-supported programs, please visit the Voluntary Bar Events Calendar.

Staff Contact    Arnell Bryant-Willis
Susan R Healy Chair Bonita Springs  2016
Chasity Hope O'Steen Vice Chair Tallahassee  2016
Khurrum Basir Wahid Vice Chair Pompano Beach  2016
Stephen Herre Echsner Board Liaison Pensacola  2015
Najah Nzinga Adams Gainesville  2016
Aramis Donell Ayala Orlando  2015
Amy Lee Bandow Riverview  2015
Aaron Carter Bates Winter Park  2015
Harold Virgil Bennett, III Tampa  2015
Scott Marcus Bernstein Miami  2016
Robert M Birrenkott, Jr. Gainesville  2015
Leyza Florin Blanco Miami  2015
Deidra Monique Brown St Petersburg  2015
Ebony J.E Calloway Atlanta  2015
Joseph Vincent Camerlengo, Jr. Jacksonville  2016
Isis Carbajal de Garcia Miami  2015
Caryn Goldenberg Carvo Fort Lauderdale  2015
Manuel Luciano Crespo Coral Gables  2015
Christopher Chad Cronon Orlando  2015
Ileana Cruz Miami  2015
Victoria Cruz-Garcia Tampa  2016
Cassandra Larkin Denmark Bartow  2015
Ena Teresa Diaz Coral Gables  2015
Matthew Wilson Dietz Miami  2016
Amber R Donley Jacksonville  2015
Fentrice DeNell Driskell Tampa  2016
Brendalyn V A Edwards Miami  2015
Jennifer Deanne Ellis Boca Raton  2015
Charles M Fahlbusch Fort Lauderdale  2015
Patricia Ivelisse Fernandez West Palm Beach  2015
Joseph Z Fleming Miami  2015
Susan Whaley Fox Orlando  2015
Gill S Freeman Miami  2015
Joanna Garcia Tampa  2015
Kimberly Anne Gilmour Davie  2015
Hubert L Grimes Ormond Beach  2015
Pamela Guerrier West Palm Beach  2016
Joseph W Hatchett Tallahassee  2016
Harley Herman Plant City  2016
Jessica Kui Len Hew Orlando  2015
Rand Hoch West Palm Beach  2015
Cecil Edward Howard Gainesville  2015
Patrick Christopher Howell Orlando  2015
Catherine Day Hult Largo  2015
Laurel Myerson Isicoff Miami  2015
Bonita E Jones Peabody Miami  2016
Tamesha LaToya Keel Carlisle  2015
John Wesley Kozyak Miami  2015
Sharon Lynne Langer Miami  2016
Eric L Lundt Fort Lauderdale  2015
Timothy C Martin St Petersburg  2015
Raquel Mercedes Matas Coral Gables  2015
Brittany J Maxey St Petersburg  2015
Victoria Nast McCloskey Tampa  2015
Kevin Anthony McNeill Lake City  2016
Jean Marie Middleton West Palm Beach  2015
Angela Rae Morrison Tallahassee  2015
Bruce Antoine Mount, Jr. Orlando  2016
Saman Movassaghi Miramar  2015
Jennifer D Newton Miami  2015
Jessica N Pacheco Pembroke Pines  2015
Navin R Pasem Tampa  2015
Adam Todd Rabin West Palm Beach  2015
Timothy M Ravich Orlando  2015
Patricia Ann Redmond Miami  2015
Gary Irwin Resnick Fort Lauderdale  2015
Danialle Riggins Ocala  2015
Jamie Elizabeth Royal Tallahassee  2015
Aloyma M Sanchez Tampa  2015
Debbie Satyal West Palm Beach  2015
Robert Osley Saunooke Miramar  2015
Elizabeth Frances Schwartz Miami Beach  2015
Cecile Marie Scoon Panama City  2015
Dawn Siler-Nixon Tampa  2015
Evett Louise Simmons Port Saint Lucie  2015
Nikki Lewis Simon Miami  2015
Larry Dean Smith Orlando  2016
Brad Alan Sprayberry West Palm Beach  2015
N Karen Steverson Lake Wales  2015
Ta'Ronce M Stowes Tallahassee  2015
Nancy Ann M Stuparich Clermont  2015
Petia Tenev Saint Petersburg  2015
Donivon Craig Tingle Destin  2015
Marilyn Lisette Uzdavines Davie  2015
Robert C L Vaughan Fort Lauderdale  2015
Luis Eduardo Viera Tampa  2015
Moneque Semone Walker Wesley Chapel  2015
Nisha Desai Waranch Orlando  2015
Alicia Hayley Welch Coral Gables  2015
Harriet Williams Williams Tallahassee  2015
Katherine Earle Yanes Tampa  2015


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