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The scope and function of the Legal Needs of Children Committee are to find ways to implement the recommendations of The Florida Bar Commission on the Legal Needs of Children. The committee monitors and often influences the legislative process where the legal needs of children are concerned. The committee also studies developments in this specialized area of practice of the law and keeps members of the bar informed of significant developments in this practice area through periodic updates. The committee meets regularly each year for its business meetings, to consider current issues and to share new information related to this distinctive practice area.

The Florida Bar Commission on the Legal Needs of Children released its Final Report PDF document opens in new window in June 2002. The Legal Needs of Children Committee, itself, has separately produced practice guidelines for attorneys who work in the fields of Dependency PDF document opens in new window and Delinquency PDF document opens in new window. Although these guidelines are not approved by the Bar’s governing board, and are thus non-binding, they have been most helpful to children’s attorneys throughout the state.

2014-2015 Legal Needs of Children Committee

Staff Contact    Booter Imhof

Bonita E Jones Peabody Chair Miami  2018
Coravious Latrez Cowart Vice Chair Orlando  2016
Paula Price Shea Vice Chair Clearwater  2016
Tim Stevens Vice Chair West Palm Beach  2017
Eric Lynn Meeks Board Liaison Cincinnati  2016
Lillian Maria Arango Coral Gables  2016
James Argento Tavares  2016
Matthew Allan Bachman Tampa  2017
Keisha Ann Bell Saint Petersburg  2016
Michelle Tamara Bell Miami  2018
Anais Mary Taboas Bimonte Riviera Beach  2018
Kristin Lettiere Coomber Boca Raton  2018
Hilary A Creary Pompano Beach  2018
Heidi M Crimins Deland  2018
Elizabeth Walker Finizio Fort Lauderdale  2016
Jennifer Frericks Ridge Manor  2016
Nicole Heather Fried Fort Lauderdale  2018
Nicole Kristy Griffin Tamuning  2018
Susan Taylor Guttmann Pensacola  2018
Tenesia Connelly Hall Orlando  2018
Denise Loren Kelly Miami  2017
Robert James Kline Tampa  2017
Susan Bueme Maulucci Bradenton  2016
Anne Marie McBride Fort Walton Beach  2017
Melissa Bott Medrano Fort Lauderdale  2016
Denise Elinore Mensh St Augustine  2018
Anthony Charles Musto Hallandale Beach  2017
Celena R Nash Ft Lauderdale  2016
Shahar Vinayi Pasch West Palm Beach  2017
Charlyne Michelle Patterson Tallahassee  2016
Melissa H Powers Melbourne  2018
Robin L Rosenberg Tampa  2016
Lakeisha R Simms Tampa  2017
Kanisha Shermell Taylor Ft Lauderdale  2016
Natalie P Thomas Tampa  2016
Jennifer Marie Voss Tampa  2016

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