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Prepaid Legal Services

The scope and function of the Prepaid Legal Services Committee is to have general jurisdiction over the subject matter encompassed by its title. It also has responsibilities implicit in the provisions of Chapter 9, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, pertaining to group legal services and prepaid legal plans.

The committee fosters plans which will assist the middle-income public in obtaining legal services and examines proposed prepaid legal services plans, both open and closed, with regard to ABA policy.

Chapter 9 Plan Application Forms

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Staff Contact    Ricky Libbert
Kent A Showalter, III Chair Orlando  2016
Gerald Walter Pierre Vice Chair Pinecrest  2016
Michael S Hooker Board Liaison Tampa  2015
Brian Michael Abelow Coral Springs  2017
Ido Jacob Shai Alexander Miami  2017
Stacy N Beaulieu Delray Beach  2017
Benjamin Andrew Carpenter Kissimmee  2015
Stephen Brewster Fuller Coral Gables  2015
Adam Scott Goldberg Weston  2015
Juliette Michelle Koves Orlando  2015
Mark William Lutz Fairfax  2017
Michael Gary Stern Plantation  2016


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