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The Florida Bar

Standing Committees
Student Education & Admissions To The Bar

The scope and function of the Student Education and Admissions to the Bar Committee is to determine whether or not law schools are adequately preparing their students for the practice of law and if it is concluded that they are not, to make specific recommendations to the Bar's Board of Governors and law school deans. The committee will also monitor and review proposed legislation affecting legal education and establish a means to track the success of minority scholarship programs in an effort to help institutions in the disbursement of minority scholarships, thus allowing these institutions to maximize the benefits of these minority programs.

Florida Law Schools with a Web Presence

If you have questions regarding admission to The Florida Bar, contact the Florida Board of Bar Examiners Office at 850/487-1292.

Staff Contact    Karen Kirksey
Patrice Faith Behnstedt Chair Bartow  2015
Maja S. Holman Vice Chair Pompano Beach  2015
Christine M Robbins Vice Chair West Palm Beach  2015
Melanie Shoemaker Griffin Board Liaison Orlando  2014
Kristen David Adams *Representative Gulfport  2014
Justin Sabu Alex Washington  2015
Neil Phillip Archibald Tampa  2014
Alan Howard Aronson Miami  2015
Annika Elaine Ashton Miami  2016
Nancy Benavides *Tallahassee  2014
Richard Scott Dellinger Orlando  2015
Robert Fabian Diaz Fort Lauderdale  2016
Stacy-ann Janice Elvy Representative New York  2014
Camille Marie Evans Orlando  2016
Grace Ann Fagan Spring Hill  2014
Nicole Heather Fried Ft Lauderdale  2014
Michele A. Gavagni *Representative Tallahassee  2014
Sasha Funk Granai Miami  2016
Jon Gurney Miami  2015
Kimberly Joy Kanoff Ft Lauderdale  2014
Ilan Garrett Kaufer Juno Beach  2014
Melanie Rose Leitman Tallahassee  2016
Stephan Lopez Davie  2016
Diego Martin Madrigal, III Orlando  2014
Lance Lamar Morley Tampa  2015
Kelli Anne Murray Orlando  2016
Alan Carroll Nash Ft Lauderdale  2016
LeChea C Parson Tallahassee  2014
Angelina M Perez Tallahassee  2016
Camaria Z Pettis-Mackle Tampa  2016
Mercedes Maria Pino Miami Gardens  2014
Errol Hamilton Powell Tallahassee  2015
Karla Mariel Reyes Orlando  2014
Tashiba Lavett Robinson Tallahassee  2014
Laurence Rose *Representative Coral Gables  2014
Fredericka Sands Washington  2015
Pury Lopez Santiago Miami  2014
Jason David Silver Fort Lauderdale  2016
Barbara Ann Singer Representative Miami Beach  2014
James Wesley Smith, III Orlando  2014
Jennifer Ashley Smith Orlando  2015
Stephen Paul Smith Jacksonville  2015
Guichard St. Surin Fort Myers  2016
Mary Katherine Tinsley Orlando  2015
Jennifer Lynn White Orlando  2015
Erica Karol Williams Sarasota  2016
Margaret Elizabeth Wood Stuart  2014
Nicole Marie Ziegler St Petersburg  2015
* Public Member


[Revised: 7-1-2013]