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Juvenile Court Rules

The scope and function of the Juvenile Court Rules Committee is to carry out the mandate of Rule 2.140, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, concerning the proposal of new rules of procedure and changes to existing rules for juvenile court proceedings.

See the Rules of Procedure page for full text of the rules and any proposed amendments.

Juvenile Court Rules Committee page.

Staff Contact    Gregory Zhelesnik
Deborah Anne Schroth Chair Jacksonville  2015
Robert William Mason Vice Chair Jacksonville  2015
Ward Lee Metzger Vice Chair Jacksonville  2017
Anthony Holloway *Board Liaison St Petersburg  2015
Marjorie C Alexis Miami  2016
Alexandra Victoria Anderes Fort Myers  2015
Lisa Jean Augspurger Orlando  2017
Donald Collins Barbee, Jr. Representative Brooksville  2015
Debra Dryce Bass Fort Myers  2015
Brian David Berkowitz Tallahassee  2015
Linda McGrady Berman Dania Beach  2017
Jeanette Dejuras Bigney Orlando  2015
Stacey Lynn Blume Ft Lauderdale  2015
Gary TJ Bryant Jacksonville  2016
Shondi Michele Cole Bartow  2016
Daniel Paul Dawson Orlando  2015
Jeffrey Duane Deen Casselberry  2017
Melissa Duncan West Palm Beach  2017
Ayelet Gaito Faerman Fort Lauderdale  2017
Kara Ann Fenlon Tallahassee  2017
Thejuana Renee Gordon Miami  2016
Phillippa G Hitchins Miami  2016
Diana L Johnson Jacksonville  2015
Louis Daniel Lazaro Brandon  2015
Carrie Constance Lee Orlando  2017
Usha Maharajh Stuart  2017
Jean Burgess Moore Panama City  2016
Mary Lynn Powell West Palm Beach  2017
David Neal Silverstein Tampa  2017
Mark Alan Skipper Orlando  2017
Kristen Nicole Solomon West Palm Beach  2015
Eric Major Trombley Tallahassee  2015
Whitney Marie Untiedt Miami  2015
Ashley Kogan Weed Fort Myers  2017
Cheryl Dianne Westmoreland Bartow  2016
Tanya T. Williams Miami  2016
Clyde E Wolfe Palatka  2017
* Public Member

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