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Annual Convention

The scope and function of the Annual Convention Committee is to assist the president in the planning and coordination of the June Florida Bar Annual Convention. The committee is appointed by the president early in the administrative year. From within the committee, members are given responsibilities for entertainment, sponsorships and other events to assist the president in the general planning of the meeting. The committee will usually meet as early as twelve months prior to the Annual Convention for an initial planning session. Additional planning meetings occur over a nine month period between July and March. At these meetings members may offer suggestions to the president regarding speakers, entertainment, and general format, and receive instructions concerning their individual responsibilities.
Staff Contact    Kathy Tucker

Sean Timothy Desmond Chair Tallahassee  2016
Renée Elise Thompson Vice Chair Ocala  2016
Kelly Mai Behmke Tallahassee  2015
Joseph Vincent Camerlengo, Jr. Jacksonville  2015
Kristen Alicia Corpion Miami  2015
Jacqueline Marie Davison Tallahassee  2015
Hayley James Day Raleigh  2016
Mariane Leight Dorris Orlando  2016
Alan Orantes Forst West Palm Beach  2016
Kimberly Anne Gessner Fort Lauderdale  2016
Elizabeth Joy Gibson Orlando  2016
Yolonda Y. Green Tallahassee  2015
Courtney Kneece Grimm Jacksonville  2015
Erin G. Jackson Tampa  2016
Charles Cole Jeffries, Jr. Tampa  2016
Wilnar Jeanne Julmiste Boca Raton  2016
William Kalish Tampa  2015
Jay Kim Fort Lauderdale  2015
Calianne P Lantz Miami  2015
Dayanna Lopez Daytona Beach  2016
John Joseph Maceluch, Jr. Tampa  2016
Kristen Hanna McMullen Maitland  2016
Yvonne Patterson Winter Park  2016
H Wesley Reeder Pensacola  2015
Salesia V Smith-Gordon West Palm Beach  2015
Nancy Ann M Stuparich Clermont  2015
Jill G. Weiss Palm Beach Gardens  2016

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