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Florida Probate Rules

The scope and function of the Florida Probate Rules Committee is to carry out the mandate of Rule 2.140, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, concerning the proposal of new rules of procedure and changes to existing rules.

See the Rules of Procedure page for full text of the rules and any proposed amendments.

Florida Probate Rules Committee page.

Staff Contact    Heather Telfer
Michael Travis Hayes Co-Chair Naples  2017
Jon Scuderi Co-Chair Naples  2018
Jonathan Adam Galler Vice Chair Boca Raton  2018
Sean M Lebowitz Vice Chair Boca Raton  2019
Laird Andrew Lile Board Liaison Naples  2017
Annabella Barboza Fort Lauderdale  2017
Claudette Olive Batts Village of Palmetto Bay  2018
Imani A Boykin Jacksonville  2019
Colleen Ashley Carson Clearwater  2017
Ivan Kensey Clements, Jr. Deland  2019
Lorenzo Cobiella Miami Lakes  2017
Nicklaus Joseph Curley West Palm Beach  2019
Terrence Theodore Dariotis Tallahassee  2019
Catherine E Davey Maitland  2018
Benjamin Frank Diamond Saint Petersburg  2018
Ainslee R Ferdie Coral Gables  2017
Joseph P George, Jr. Miami  2017
LaDray Brandan Gilbert Marianna  2019
Jeffrey Scott Goethe Bradenton  2017
Eamonn Wesla Gunther Boca Raton  2018
Cynthia VanDeVoorde Hall Sebastian  2017
Charles Monroe Holloman, II Tampa  2019
Cady Lynne Huss Tampa  2019
Michael Ryan Kangas Tampa  2019
Sean William Kelley Saint Augustine  2018
Robert Lee McElroy, IV Palm Beach Gardens  2019
Daniel Alan McGowan Fort Lauderdale  2017
John Christopher Moran West Palm Beach  2017
Cristina Papanikos Miami  2019
Katharine Walter Payne Punta Gorda  2018
Stacey A Prince-Troutman Orlando  2019
Nola Marie Richardson Tamarac  2019
Charles Stephen Sacher Coral Gables  2018
Daniel Aaron Seigel Boca Raton  2018
David A Shulman Fort Lauderdale  2017
Jenny Scavino Sieg New Port Richey  2019
Jean Ann Sperbeck Representative Gainesville  2017
Matthew Henry Triggs Boca Raton  2019

[Revised: 7-1-2016]