The Florida Bar

Unlicensed Practice of Law Circuit Committees
Twentieth Circuit UPL Committee
Staff Contact    Maria Torres
Russell Thomas Kirshy Chair Port Charlotte  September, 2016
C C Abbott Liaison Fort Myers  June, 2015
Marcy Lynn Shaw Designated Reviewer Fort Myers  June, 2015
Martin Blaustein *Public Member Port Charlotte  May, 2018
Rita Noelle Branning Fort Myers  March, 2018
Shannon Lyndell Doolity Punta Gorda  May, 2018
Roger Eaton *Public Member Punta Gorda  August, 2019
Mabel Lopez *Public Member Fort Myers  November, 2017
Ian Ferguson Mann Fort Myers  May, 2018
David C. Potter Fort Myers  November, 2017
William Whiton Sunter Punta Gorda  May, 2018
* Public Member


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