The Florida Bar

Unlicensed Practice of Law Circuit Committees
Twentieth Circuit UPL Committee
Staff Contact    Maria Torres
Russell Thomas Kirshy Chair Port Charlotte  June, 2016
Jason Hunter Korn Liaison Naples  June, 2016
Marcy Lynn Shaw Designated Reviewer Fort Myers  June, 2017
Rita Noelle Branning Fort Myers  March, 2018
Shannon Lyndell Doolity Punta Gorda  May, 2018
Roger Eaton *Public Member Punta Gorda  August, 2019
Mabel Lopez *Public Member Fort Myers  November, 2017
Ian Ferguson Mann Fort Myers  May, 2018
David C. Potter Fort Myers  November, 2017
William Whiton Sunter Punta Gorda  May, 2018
Robin Vazquez *Public Member Port Charlotte  October, 2020
* Public Member


[Revised: 12-22-2015]