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Historical Video Series

The following Historical Video Series may be purchased for either $25.00 or $35.00 each plus your local county sales tax. Each interview is approved from a half hour (.5) to one and half (1.5) hour of professionalism CLE credit except where noted no CLE credit is available.

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Historical Video Series Order Form

You may complete an order form and submit it via email or fax. If you plan to use a check as your method of payment, please mail the check along with the completed order form to the address listed below. You may also choose to order by telephone.

The Florida Bar
Order Entry Department
651 E. Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Phone: (850)561-5629
Fax: (850)561-9413

All topics in VHS format, except where noted by DVD only (DVD availability only)

Justice Harry Lee AnsteadDVD only
Walter G. Arnold, Sr.DVD only
Judge C. Clyde Atkins, Jr.DVD only
Judge Rosemary BarkettDVD only
Judge Susan H. BlackDVD only
Judge Susan C. BucklewDVD only
Judge Lacey A. CollierDVD only
Talbot "Sandy" D'AlemberteDVD only
C. Harris DittmarDVD only
Judge David W. DyerDVD only
Justice Raymond EhrlichDVD only
Robert ErvinDVD only
Judge Peter T. Fay
DVD only
Judge Arthur J. Franza: Instructions to the Jury (Note: Not approved for CLE credit.)DVD only
Judge Alan S. GoldDVD only
Judge Jacqueline R. GriffinDVD only
Chief Justice Major B. HardingDVD only
Justice Major B. Harding Retirement Ceremony Highlights (Note: Not approved for CLE credit.)DVD only
Judge Joseph W. HatchettDVD only
Dean Jeannette F. HauslerDVD only
Historical Video Series 2003 Justices' MontageDVD only
Historical Video Series Excerpt TapeDVD only
Judge William M. HoevelerDVD only
Judge William M. Hoeveler on Mentoring (Note: Not approved for CLE credit.)DVD only
Judge Paul C. HuckDVD only
Justice Gerald KoganDVD only
Judge Lenore C. NesbittDVD only
Justice Barbara J. ParienteDVD only
Justice Barbara J. Pariente: Investiture (Note: Not approved for CLE credit.)DVD only
Perspectives on Professionalism from Retired County Court Judges of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit DVD only
Justice Peggy A. QuinceDVD only
Attorney General Janet RenoDVD only
Herman J. RussomannoDVD only
Judge John M. SchebDVD only
Judge Patricia A. SeitzDVD only
Justice Leander J. Shaw, Jr.DVD only
Chesterfield H. SmithDVD only
Chesterfield Smith: Great FloridianDVD only
William Reece Smith, Jr.DVD only
Judge Gerald T. WetheringtonDVD only
Judge Charles R. WilsonDVD only

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