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3-7Tax Section Annual Meeting, The Breakers, Palm BeachAdd to my calendar
4-7YLD BOG Meeting, Hammock Beach - Palm Coast, FLAdd to my calendar
11City, County & Local Government Law Executive Council Meeting, Caribe Royale, Orlando, FLAdd to my calendar
11-12Board Certification Exams, 2nd Cycle, Hilton Tampa Airport WestshoreAdd to my calendar
16-20Trial Lawyers Section Advanced Trial Advocacy, Hilton University of Florida, GainesvilleAdd to my calendar
18-19The Florida Bar Business Law Section Deposition Boot Camp: Basics to Advance, Loews Sapphire Falls Resort Universal Orlando FLAdd to my calendar
18-21Workers Comp Long Range Planning Meeting, DoubleTree Hilton CharlestonAdd to my calendar
24-28Board of Governors Meeting, The Westin Key West Resort & Marina - Key West, FLAdd to my calendar
31-4The Florida Bar RPPTL Executive Council, Hyatt Regency Coconut PointAdd to my calendar
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