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1-4Trial Lawyers Section Executive Council Meeting, Ritz Carlton, Amelia IslandAdd to my calendar
2-5Business Law Section - Annual Labor Day Retreat, The Ritz-Carlton, Naples, FLAdd to my calendar
7-11Family Law Section Out of State Retreat, Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle, WAAdd to my calendar
8-10GPSSF Section Meeting, Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort NaplesAdd to my calendar
15-16Health Law Section 8th Annual FUNdamentals, Rosen Centre Hotel Orlando, FLAdd to my calendar
18-202016 Reporters' Workshop/Media & Communications Law Committee, DoubleTree by Hilton, Tallahassee FLAdd to my calendar
19-2027th Annual Reporters’ Workshop, Florida Supreme CourtAdd to my calendar
22-24Labor and Employment Law Section, The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort NaplesAdd to my calendar
28-2Board of Governors Out of State Meeting, The Hermitage Hotel, Nashville, TNAdd to my calendar
30-3International Law 2016 ILS Retreat, Boca Raton Resort and ClubAdd to my calendar
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