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Florida Law Update 2017
This seminar will provide updates in criminal law; employment law; bankruptcy law; business law; family law; real property law and estate planning/elder law;
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2016 PAT DORE CONFERENCE "Hail to the APA!"
The Administrative Law Section of the Florida Bar is pleased to announce that it will host the 2016 Pat Dore Conference on October 7, 2016, at the Hotel Duval, Tallahassee, Florida. The Pat Dore Conference is named after Professor Pat Dore, uniformly recognized as the “Mother of the APA” in Florida. It is our section’s showcase event and is held on a biennial basis. This year our program features some timely, cutting-edge topics such as compassionate cannabis rulemaking, as well as mainstay topics, such as the legislative update, case law update, and evidentiary matters, and a range of other interesting topics relevant to all practitioners who deal with administrative agencies in Florida. This year’s program also features two programs­­­­ on ethics and professionalism, good for two CLE credit hours toward the Bar’s ethics and professionalism CLE requirement. We hope that you can join us for the 2016 Pat Dore Conference! Register Online Today!
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Basic Trial Practice 2016
Basic overview of trial practice intended for the new lawyer or lawyers new to the practice area. Topics to include litigation, jury selection, opening, cross examination, closing, appellate perspective and a view from the bench.
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Essentials of Elder Law

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Elder Law Annual Update and Hot Topics

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2017 International Tax Bootcamp
The International Tax Boot Camp will provide young CPAs and attorneys a beginner-level summary of internationalinbound and outbound taxation
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35th Annual International Tax Conference

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2017 Annual Wealth Protection Program
The Tax Section of The Florida Bar host the Annual Wealth Protection Program, which provides strategies attorneys need to be aware of when protecting the assets and wealth of a client. Topics to be covered include estate planning, tax planning, wealth management products, and much more.
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The Frances D. Sheehy Memorial Advanced Tax Procedure Seminar
Frances Diane Sheehy, a former Chair of the Tax Section, was a frequent speaker and author on tax procedure matters, especially in the area of bankruptcy. She passed away January 26, 2017 after an extended battle with cancer. Fran earned her J.D. from the University of Arizona in 1987 where she was editor of the Law Review. After graduation, she was an attorney with the IRS Office of Chief Counsel in Miami, FL and became a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney litigating tax and bankruptcy cases. She moved to private practice in 1992; first as a partner with tax lawyers and then struck out on her own. Fran had a formidable intellect and a genuine love of people that enabled her to make lasting friendships wherever she went. Blessed with many gifts of mind and person, Fran was even more notable for her generosity and irrepressible “dry” sense of humor. Most of all, Fran was an amazing friend and colleague. To register online, please go to:
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2016 Survey of Florida Law
This is a collection of audio recordings from various seminars that took place during the 2015-2016 Florida Bar fiscal year.
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Special Needs Trusts in Florida
This is a full day, Florida-specific Special Needs Trusts program. This practical, focused CLE is a must for anyone doing SNT’s in Florida. The program will discuss drafting tips, pitfalls, uses of SNT’s and when they aren’t necessary. We will also discuss the Florida ABLE accounts that should become available in June of this year.
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Visa Strategies For The Entrepreneur
This audio webcast will review nonimmigrant visa strategies for the small business owner and/or investor.
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Managing Bilingual Mediation
This audio webcast will sensitize listeners to the ways effective mediation may go awry when one or more parties to the mediation primarily uses a language other than English. The session will cover what the mediator can do to render the mediation effective under such circumstances whether the mediator is bilingual, or not. Included will be suggested strategies and best practices to overcome obstacles to linguistic communication in mediation, as well as discussion of legal ethical issues impacting attorneys in the course of communications that may be required in the context of mediation.
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Don't Let Someone take a Byte Out of Your Digital Assets

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Law for a Lawyer's Own Business Webinar 1 of 4: Prelease Issues

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Law for a Lawyer's Own Business Webinar 2 of 4: Key Lease Issues

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Law for a Lawyer's Own Business Webinar 3 of 4: Key Lease Issues Part 2

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Law for a Lawyer's Own Business Webinar 3 of 4: Key Lease Issues Part 2

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Law for a Lawyer's Own Business Webinar 4 of 4: Key Lease Issues Part 3

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The Oracle Speaks: Appellate Mediation Unveiled
Learn from a distinguished panel of appellate judges, mediators and recognized experts in appellate advocacy about significant ways to improve your appellate mediation experience. This seminar is designed to assist mediators and advocates in the context of mediation at the appellate court level by discussing advanced techniques utilized to resolve cases on appeal. Topics include the essentials of appellate mediation in specific FL DCA’s, the history of appellate mediation in Florida and its effect on today’s mediation programs at the appellate level; how to incorporate mandated mediation into your successful appellate strategy; effective levers to use as a mediator to gain momentum with prevailing parties; and the ethics of appellate mediation.
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Castellanos and Miles-Impact of 2016 Attorney Fee Cases

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Hot Topics in Appellate Law: Appellate Forces in the New Millennium

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GOING SOLO: Successful Practice Development
This seminar includes Networking 101; Marketing; Solo Practice 101; The Importance of "When;" and Technology and Cost Savings as a Solo.
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2016 Ullman Year in Review
Every year the Tax Section holds a CLE in honor of Samuel Ullman, Past Chair of the Section. This year's topics include international tax (in and outbound), civil tax procedures, state and local taxation, tax exempt organizations, estate and gift tax, criminal tax, phising, basis reporting rules, employee benefits and deferred compenstation, and ethics and professionalism.
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A Prescription for a Successful Employment Discrimination Law Mediation
Learn from a distinguished panel of mediators and attorneys recognized experts in employment law and mediation about how to resolve an employment discrimination matter at mediation. The topics will include basic overview of mediation, the cost of a workplace conflict, the timing of mediation, how to select a mediator, how to prepare for mediation, ground rules, styles and terminology throughout mediation, benefits of going to mediation with/without an offer already on the table and practical tips for effectively mediating an employment matter, including against pro se parties and uncompromising legal counsel or parties.
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Cruising the Danube 2017 Out of Country CLE Trip The Ethical Dangers of Technology in the Legal Practice
This CLE will focus on identifying both the benefits and the dangers associated with using, or ignoring, available technology in the legal practice. This includes a discussion on the rules of conduct and ethical obligations for lawyers using technoloby.
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Solar and Renewables: Policies and Practicalities in Florida

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Sea Level Rise: A Big Deal for Real Estate Transactions
Sea level rise and the legal problems arising from its effects are no longer just the realm of environmental attorneys. Today, your clients are buying property and constructing projects in locations that will be affected by sea level rise for years to come, and the economic impact on them could be significant. This webinar provides an introduction to the concerns related to sea level rise and how to spot the issues that may affect your client, the implications of increasing local government regulations on properties subject to sea level rise, and a practical primer on risk assessment, due diligence, insurance requirements, association responsibilities, contractual provisions, trust/estate issues and various tools to reduce potential legal problems in the future.
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33rd Annual Workers Compensation Winter Retreat

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Riding the Technology Wave Track 2
Segment of The Florida Bar Tech Show This is a 3 hour segment
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Advanced Mediation Practice: Casting Light on the Dark Art of Mediation
This seminar is a thought-provoking mixture of theory and suggested changes in practice-habits which surrounding mediation and, if embraced, will transform the way lawyers and clients prepare for mediation. We will focuses on the types of communication and information needed prior to mediation, identify common missteps that can derail mediation, and discusses the psychological impediments to resolution. In addition, this session will review special considerations in multi-party mediations, as well as the presentation of effective opening statements, and end game scenarios which can bring closure to the case.
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Entertainment Arts & Sports Law Section Spring 2017 Audio Webcast Series (2481R)
Earn CLE credit while sitting at your desk. You may pay a reduced price for the AUDIO CD of the Spring 2017 Entertainment, Arts, & Sports Law Section Audio Webcast Series, which will cover SAG-AFTRA agreements; functions of parady and fair use; and winning attorneys fees on tope of your client's claims.
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The goal of the RREIL webinar series is to provide in-depth explanations of the FRBAR Contracts to attorneys who may only occasionally handle Residential Real Estate transactions, including newly admitted Florida attorneys. The first webinar will compare the FRBAR Contract and the “As-Is” Contract inspections, remediation, and maintenance requirements, so that Attorneys (and Realtors) can best manage their client’s expectations and facilitate a smooth transaction.
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Nuts and Bolts of Defending a Professional Guardian Under New Office of Public and Professional Guardians (OPPG) Rule
This webinar is imperative for attorneys who represent professional guardians, and for professional guardians, to learn the basics of professional guardian rights and remedies against OPPG disciplinary action and challenges to the application of the rule. CE credit is available for Professional Guardians as well.
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Engagement Letters for Civil Mediators
This one hour webinar is an intermediate level presentation designed to provide useful information on engagement letters for civil mediators.
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How to Prepare for the IP Board Certification Exam

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2017 Survey of Florida Law
This is a collection of audio recordings from various seminars that took place during the 2016-2017 Florida Bar fiscal year.
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Veterans Benefits: An Overview for Attorneys
This course is designed for varies attorneys who are interested in discovering more about the benefits available to veterans and their spouses from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This CLE is a qualifying course for purposes of VA accreditation under 38 C.F.R. § 14.629(b)(1)(iii). Please note that you must be accredited by the VA before taking this course in order for it to satisfy the CLE requirement.
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The Technology-Powered Modern (and Successful) Law Firm
Segment of The Florida Bar Tech Show This is a 50 minute segment
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Improve Efficiency With Text and Document Automation
Segment of The Florida Bar Tech Show This is a 50 minute segment
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Cybersecurity and Privacy for Lawyers
Segment of The Florida Bar Tech Show This is a 50 minute segment
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Microsoft Word
Segment of The Florida Bar Tech Show This is a 50 minute segment
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Microsoft Excel
Segment of The Florida Bar Tech Show This is a 50 minute segment
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Microsoft Outlook
Segment of The Florida Bar Tech Show This is a 50 minute segment
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50 Tech Tips in 50 Minutes
Segment of The Florida Bar Tech Show This is a 50 minute segment
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Piercing the Homestead Veil: Does New Case Law Expand Equitable Remedies Available to Creditors?
A course designed for the advanced practitioner that focuses on the imposition of equitable liens on Florida homestead. The seminar will revisit the Supreme Court’s decision in Havoco and the recent 4th District Court of Appeals decision in Flinn v. Doty. Further, the presenters will discuss whether or not fraud or egregious conduct is required for the imposition of equitable liens on Florida homestead.
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Royalties and Registrations: Making Money with Music
This 2-hour program at Full Sail University will begin with an explanation of the difference between musical works and sound recordings to bring lay persons up to speed before Speaker Franklin Graves will discuss the generation and calculation of music royalties. Finally, speakers Franklin Graves, Davey Jay, and Tom Player will discuss the roles of in house and private practive attorneys and the ethical considerations that can arise when moving from one type to another.
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