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Working in the Cloud: It's the Latest It's the Greatest or Is It?
Working in the Cloud: It's the Latest, It's the Greatest, or Is It? This seminar is intended as a cloud computing primer for lawyers. This seminar addresses the benefits, disadvantages, and pitfalls of working in the cloud. Internet-based software as a service (SaaS) also will be discussed in detail, including the financial and case management benefits to be gained by working in the cloud, as well as the ethical considerations that should not be ignored. Easy to implement tips and safeguards will be provided to attendees.
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Electronic Discovery in Florida State Court: Navigating New Rules for New Issues
This intermediate level 150-minute course taught by attorneys who drafted the rules, a former Florida circuit judge, and e-discovery Florida educators and practitioners will thoroughly cover the new electronic discovery rules and provide guidance on how to utilize the rules to meet your professional obligations and to diligently advocate for your clients regardless of your practice area.
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E-Ethics for E-Discovery: Considerations and Solutions for the E-Practitioner
Discovery of electronically stored information (ESI) implicates a number of ethical issues for the practitioner. E-discovery raises E-ethical considerations going beyond those faced in the physical document world. In this electronic presentation the presenters will examine the seeming tension among the obligations to protect metadata and not to "mine" for metadata in relation to the E-discovery obligation not to delete metadata. The presenters will also discuss additional ethical and professional duties of the practitioner in the E-discovery context.
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What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About the Fight Against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
The legal profession is under considerable pressure from both domestic and international sources to implement effective risk-based measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. In October 2008, the world’s leading standard setter for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policies, the Financial Action Task Force, adopted risk based guidance for the legal profession. The American Bar Association, in consultation with numerous ABA Sections and specialty bar associations, has developed voluntary good practices guidance to implement the 2008 risk based guidance. At the same time, Congress is considering legislation that may impose mandatory, or a “rules based,” approach on the legal profession. This program, which is of interest to all Florida attorneys, will trace the development of the 2008 guidance and the good practices guidance, update outreach efforts with Congress and the Obama Administration and other key stakeholders, and distill the new reality of implementing a voluntary risk-based client due diligence regime within your law firm in light of these developments.
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Masters Seminar on Ethics
The 2013 Masters Seminar on Ethics features dynamic speakers discussing a variety of ethics issues that many lawyers face today. The highly acclaimed presenters include a former Chief District Court of Appeal judge, the Chair of The Florida Bar's annual Board Certification Review Course for Civil Trial Law, the national director of legal training for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, and the Director of The Florida Bar’s Law Office Management Assistance Service. Drawing on examples from their years of experience, these knowledgeable speakers will cover current ethics issues that arise in oral argument, litigation, dealing with clients, and maintaining trust accounts. These issues are especially timely given recent disciplinary cases concerning candor toward the tribunal, treatment of opposing counsel and the court, conflicts of interest, and trust accounting violations. The presentations will include lectures as well as highly interactive segments including filmed scenarios and questions and answers.
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The Nuts and Bolts of Bid Protests
This program will provide an overview of the bid protest process and will also discuss recent decisions relating to bid protest and procurement law.
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International Business Transactions Conference
The half-day live seminar and live webcast will discuss emerging business opportunities in Latin America and cross-border investment in real estate. You may register for this course and the International Litigation and Arbitration Conference, held the next day, for a reduced fee via fax.
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Trick or Treat: The Revised Land Trust Act - All Treats No Tricks
The Revised Land Trust Act seminar will take a look at the history and background of Land Trusts; the Revised Land Trust Act - where are we at now and why; the Illinois Land Trusts and the changes in Florida; taxation; financing; timeshares as well as ethical issues.
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33rd Annual RPPTL Legislative & Case Law Update
This seminar is an review and update of the recent legislative session and important real property, probate and trust case law. Topics include: the power of attorney act redu, limitations on design professional liability and abolition of the economic loss rule, the revamp of Florida mortgage foreclosure laws and amendments to chapter 95 and 702 of Florida Statutes, land trust amendments, probate administration, residential landlord/tenant act, community associations, development permitting, jurisdiction over nonresidents in trust litigation, ethics and arbitration.
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Keeping Up with Changing Times: Same-Sex Issues and Beyond in Your Family Law Practice
This seminar will address new and cutting-edge topics, including assisted reproductive technology, second parent adoption, and cohabitation agreements and domestic partnership agreements. It will also provide family law practitioners with a case law update relevant to these areas.
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2013 Ethical Challenges for the Environmental Lawyer and Consultant - Audio CD Only (This presentation is also included in 2013 ELULS Annual Update Audio CD - 1617C)
This presentation addresses ethical challenges for the environmental lawyer and consultant: situational ethics - circumstances and ethical responsiblities; ethics, legalities, and implications of data reporting; environmental industry case study evlauations; ethical conundrums with emerging chemicals.
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2013 ELULS Annual Update
This course provides a comprehensive update for environmental & land use law.
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2013 ELULS Annual Update - Audio CD Only
This course provides a comprehensive update for environmental & land use law.
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TRIM Those Taxes: 2013 Update For Challenging Ad Valorem Taxes
It's that time again! The County Property Appraisers' TRIM Notices are out and clients continue to seek your advice about the values and classifications attributed to their properties. This program is intended to provide an update for real estate practitioners on various methods for evaluating and challenging ad valorem tax assessments and the resulting taxes; a review of the appraisal and appeal process, including proceedings before the Value Adjustment Board (VAB); and discussion of matters regarding Homestead and other exemptions, qualifications and classifications that affect owners and their properties. The speakers for this program have practiced in this arena for many years and have extensive experience in representing property owners both in the courts and in VAB proceedings.
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Navigating the World of ADR
This two-day program at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood will include the following topics: conflicts inherent in the mediation process; a roundtable discussion on the mediator's toolbox; pitfalls of the mediation process; being an effective advocate in mediation; crafting an arbitration clause; challenges to mandatory ADR programs; the boundaries of the arbitrator's jurisdiction; proving and defending against damage claims in arbitration; issues affecting attorneys fees in arbitration; and Florida's revised arbitration code.
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