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2015 Masters Seminar on Ethics

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34th Annual Attorney Trust Officer Liaison Conference
The 34th Annual Attorney Trust Officer Liaison Conference, slated for August 27th -30th at the Breakers in Palm Beach offers more ACTEC and National Level Speakers than ever, and Must-Know Topics for Trust Officers and Trust Attorneys alike. Here are a few of the highlights: Steve Akers, a Senior Fiduciary Counsel at Bessemer Trust, will discuss legislative and treasury changes and how today’s estate planning should be adjusted accordingly. Joe Curtin, the Head of Portfolio Analytics at US Trust, will discuss investment options and concerns, both to protect fiduciaries and to satisfy beneficiaries in the Post-Recession Environment. Bruce Stone, current president of ACTEC and past chair of the RPPTL Section and Robert Goldman past chair of the RPPTL Section, and Hugh Magill (Northern Trust’s Chief Fiduciary Officer) will debate common planning and trust administration problems and solutions. Additionally, some hefty tax issues will be discussed in a user-friendly way: Funding Income Tax Consequences by Jeremiah Doyle, a Senior Wealth Strategist at BNY Mellon, and a reminder for all of us of the inner-workings of the GST Tax by Sarah Butters, and Lee Ford Tritt. Discounted registration is available until July 10, 2015.
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34th International Tax Conference
At the 2016 International Tax Conference you will receive updates on current developments regarding taxation; discuss planning U.S. transfer tax treaties; review tips for advising foreign clients; and hear a panel discussion on civil and criminal procedural issues. You’ll leave this two-day conference with take-a-way’s you can put into motion right away to help you and your clients succeed. For the first time the Tax Section and FICPA are offering an International Boot Camp Day prior to the Conference. The International Tax Boot Camp will take place on January 6, 2016. The International Tax Boot Camp will be a beginner level summary of international inbound and outbound taxation and provide an introduction to the topics that will be discussed during our two-day International Tax Conference.
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Mediation Conflicts of Interest: Ethical Traps for the Unwary

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Environmental & Land Use Law June Program
The ELULS June Program will be one of the Section’s two main statewide CLE events for the year. Comprised of three of the section’s most consistently popular panels, the June Program will feature an Administrative Law Update, Legislative Update, and General Counsel’s Roundtable. The Administrative Update is a review of major developments through rulemaking and case law for administrative practice in the last year. The Legislative Update analyzes major topics of debate and successful bills from the past legislative session. The General Counsel’s Roundtable provides insight into the foremost issues of concern among agencies that environmental and land use practitioners interact with most often
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Don't Crash on the Information Highway: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About the Impact of Technology on Employment Law Issues Presidential Showcase at Annual Convention

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Arbitration, Effective Joint Opening Sessions, and Ethical Issues for Mediators & Attorneys
Arbitration, Mediation and Updates
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Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence: Pre-Discovery Through Trial

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Differences Among the DCAs

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Animal Law in Florida
The Animal Law Committee presents "Animal Law in Florida".
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Navigating Technology in 2015 and Beyond: What Every Practitioner Must Know About Technology's Impact on the Legal Profession

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NAFTA Symposium - Investment Business Track
The course book for the NAFTA Symposium on Investment and Business is now available.
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The Income Estate and Gift Tax Consequences of Divorce
This program focuses on the tax consequences that often accompany divorce proceedings. The goal is to assist family law attorneys in recognizing the impact a divorce may have on their clients, specifically in the areas of: spousal support; child support; property transfers between spouses before and after divorce; the disposition of the marital home; the ability to deduct housing costs; dependency exemptions and credits; gift taxes; and estate taxes. The program will conclude with a discussion of the tax treatment of counsel fees.
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FAR/BAR changes resulting from the new CFPB Rules. What you need to know if your real estate deal MAY close after October 3, 2015
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has instituted a number of rules that take effect August 1, 2015. These rules will change how real estate transactions occur in Florida so the Florida Bar Realtor/Attorney Joint Committee has revised the FAR/BAR contract to comply with the new rules.
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35th Annual RPPTL Legislative & Case Law Update Seminar

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