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Audio Webcast
Labor and Employment Law Section Audio Webcast Series 2016-2017 (2235R)
This 4-part series will cover ADA and website accessibility; wage and hour inspections by DOL; EEO Updates and Trends; and Social Media Under the Florida' Public Employees Relations Act.
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ADA and Website Accessibility of Labor and Employment Law Section Audio Webcast Series 2016-2017 (2235R)
The ADA Compliance Issue: What Happens When Websites and Apps Are Inaccessible? Are your clients’ websites accessible to individuals with disabilities? Most employment and labor lawyers, and lawyers in general, remain unaware of the new wave of litigation developing under Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act attacking the accessibility of the public websites of private companies and public/government agencies. The U.S. Department of Justice has long taken the position that websites of places of public accommodation need to be accessible for individuals with disabilities. With increasing frequency, the DOJ has pursued enforcement actions and regulatory development focused on making websites and, most recently, mobile applications accessible. These developments span virtually all major industries, including, among others: retail, real estate, hospitality and lodging, finance, sports/entertainment, and academia. Each member of the three-person panel will discuss the following specific areas related to these issues: Amanda Maisels, Deputy Chief of the Disability Rights Section of the DOJ, will address the differing court views on accessibility and the ADA, as well as cases the DOJ has brought; Cynthia N. Sass, Esquire of the Sass Law Firm, will discuss website accessibility litigation against business entities in the private sector; and Kara Noreika, a Technology Expert at AccSass Consulting, LLC, will discuss the technical aspects and steps necessary for websites and applications to meet the current compliance standards.
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Labor and Employment Law Section Audio Webcast Series 2016-2017
In this audio webcast, Heather Owen will discuss the evolving goals of the EEOC and how its positions are being addressed by the courts. This session will cover the EEOC’s administrative actions, emerging law relating to pregnancy discrimination, LGBT and gender discrimination, and religious and disability discrimination.
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Handling Wage & Hour Inspections by the DOL of Labor and Employment Law Section Audio Webcast Series 2016-2017
In this audio webcast, the speaker will discuss the rules and law relating to DOL inspections, and offer strategies for employers. The speaker will also address how plaintiff’s counsel can work in conjunction with the DOL in prosecuting employee claims under the FLSA.
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Labor and Employment Law Section Audio Webcast Series 2016-2017
In this audio webcast, speakers Stephen A. Meck and Gregg Morton will discuss some significant PERC decisions within the global background of social media in labor law set by the NLRB.
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