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Health Care Regulatory & Compliance
This seminar is meant to provide Florida lawyers and compliance officers a great overview of health care regulatory and compliance issues impacting a range of providers. Health Care Executives, Risk Managers and Privacy Officers will benefit as well The areas that will be covered range from federal and state fraud and abuse provisions, Ethics, HIPAA, HITECH and the Florida Information Protection Act. The seminar will also cover Florida facility licensure surveys as well as current trends with physical compensation.
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Bankruptcy Law & Practice: View from the Bench 2016

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Probate Law 2016 Seminar

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Educating Your Client On The Legal Pitfalls of Social Media (2258R) Audio Webcast Entertainment Arts & Sports Law Section Fall 2016 Audio Webcast Series (2256R)
Join the EASL section for its FAll 2016 audio webcast on educating your client on the legal pitfalls of social media. Click this link for the live program or order the complete audio CD
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End of Year Review of Asset Protection and Estate Planning Opportunities

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Criminal Law Update 2016
This course covers topics important to the criminal practitioner. The topics include the latest criminal cases in Florida, important constitutional decisions from the Supreme Court, competency, insanity, and mental health issues, collateral consequences of criminal convictions for professional license holders, ethical issues facing the state criminal practitioner, defense lawyer or prosecutor, and landmines in jury instructions. The program is specially designed for the attorney practicing in state criminal court and is taught by some of the leading criminal law practitioners in the field as well as a Circuit Court Judge.
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