The Florida Bar

August 22, 1968

There is no impropriety in the use of the appellation “law offices of __________” by a member of The Florida Bar and his associate on the firm stationery, in pleadings, and in the signatory element of letters.

Canon: 33

Chairman MacDonald stated the opinion of the committee:

The inquiring member of The Florida Bar advises that he is employed as an associate of another member of The Florida Bar, whom we shall saddle with the timeless appellation John Doe. The stationery utilized by these attorneys contains the heading, “Law Offices of John Doe,” listing to the side the names of the employer and the associate. The firm in its pleadings and in the signatory element of letters utilizes the style, “Law Offices of John Doe.”

We are asked whether any impropriety exists in this usage. Canon 33 admonishes that in the selection and use of firm names no false or misleading names should be utilized. On its face, the usage of the name described would appear to be neither false nor misleading, and in the absence of any other circumstances not known to us, we find no impropriety involved.

[Revised: 08-24-2011]