The Florida Bar

April 25, 1967

A partnership may not reflect on its letterhead a reference to a former firm name, which includes the name of a former member of the firm who is now a judge.

Canon: 33

Chairman MacDonald stated the opinion of the committee:

A partnership composed of members of The Florida Bar apprehends that its long-time senior partner will shortly be appointed to a judicial position. The remaining partners inquire as to whether it would be proper beneath the new firm name to reflect “successors to (former firm name) or formerly (former firm name).”

Although we share the legitimate concern of the remaining partners that the continuity of the firm, a valuable right to every lawyer, not be lost for a period by the deletion of the first name in the partnership style, we nevertheless conclude that it would not be appropriate to reflect the name of a judge even in the manner mentioned. We do believe that it is appropriate, upon the occurrence of the dissolution of the present firm, to send appropriate announcements to those to whom the name of the firm would be of legitimate interest, reflecting the reason for the dissolution and the new firm name.

[Revised: 08-24-2011]