The Florida Bar

Government Attorneys and Public Officials

Advising both zoning commission and board of zoning appeals
Assistant attorney general handling litigation for state against former client
City attorney
City councilman Communication with government agency 87-2, 09-1
Conflict of interests
Current multiple representation County attorney
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County government and traffic defendants in county court 81-7
County prosecutor representing plaintiff in auto accident case against defendant charged with criminal violation
59-2 Former Former client Imputed disqualification Mayor referring cases against city 62-57
Municipal advisory board member representing private clients before other municipal agencies
74-27 Representing civil plaintiff after conducting related criminal proceedings as coroner 61-22
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Switching sides
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Partner Partner Police legal advisor representing criminal defendants 76-43, 78-7
Private law practice operated by public official from premises furnished for public business
Prosecutors. See
Criminal Defense Attorneys and Prosecutors .
Public Defenders. See
Criminal Defense Attorneys and Prosecutors .
Public statements about pending litigation
Sheriff represented by firm that also represents criminal defendants 74-37, 74-37 rec., 76-3, 78-8, 96-2
Trial publicity
Union membership
64-57, 77-15, 77-15 BOG
U.S. Department of Justice attorneys, communication rule applicable to
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[Revised: 10-21-2016]