The Florida Bar

April 30, 1965

A Florida law firm having active law offices in each of two cities in the state may use stationery that lists all lawyers in the firm and shows the addresses and telephone numbers of both offices. This is especially true where any of the firm's lawyers are likely to be using either office, as necessity or convenience indicates.

Canon: 27

Chairman Smith stated the opinion of the committee:

A Florida law firm has heretofore maintained offices in Miami. A letterhead is used which gives the name and address of the firm and sets forth the names of partners and associates of the firm. Presently this firm also maintains West Palm Beach and, at the present time, the address of the West Palm Beach office also is set forth on the upper right-hand corner of the stationery used by the firm. Thus, the Miami address appears in the most prominent position in the center of the letterhead and the West Palm Beach address appears elsewhere as indicated.

The firm now contemplates the use of stationery, prepared for use in West Palm Beach, which would set forth in the center of the letterhead the West Palm Beach address. The address of the Miami office would appear in the upper right-hand corner. In effect, there would be a simple exchange of the addresses of the firm. In each instance, the names of all partners and associates, whether practicing in Miami or West Palm Beach, would appear on the letterhead.

The question is whether use of stationery as indicated would be proper and, in particular, to know whether there is any impropriety in listing on the stationery to be used in West Palm Beach the names of all partners and associates of the firm.

It is the unanimous opinion of this Committee that there is no ethical impropriety in the action contemplated and that the names of all partners and associates of the firm may be listed on each letterhead particularly when, as is the case here, the personnel of the West Palm Beach office may be varied from time to time and members of the Miami office may be working temporarily in West Palm Beach.

One member of the Committee suggests it would be preferable to use a letterhead which would state the name of the firm in the center of the page and the respective addresses of the Miami and West Palm Beach offices on the upper right-hand corner. Provision could be made for indicating on the stationery to which office a response should be addressed.

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