The Florida Bar

March 31, 1967

A partnership of Florida lawyers may not list an office in another jurisdiction on the letterhead of the partnership when the office is not that of the partnership, but only of one partner who maintains an association with another attorney in that jurisdiction.

Canon: 33
Opinion: 65-35

Chairman MacDonald stated the opinion of the committee:

An inquiring member of The Florida Bar is also a member of the bar of another jurisdiction. For some years he has maintained an office in Florida, but has also continued to return periodically to the other jurisdiction to represent clients there. He now proposes to form a partnership with offices in his community in Florida, but to continue an association with an attorney maintaining offices in the other jurisdiction. He inquires as to whether it will be permissible on the new partnership stationery to list the existence of the office in the other jurisdiction. Such office would not be a second office of the partnership (which is exclusively a Florida partnership), but would be an office of the inquirer maintained on an associate (but not partnership) basis with the attorney in the other jurisdiction.

In our judgment it would not be proper for the partnership sta- tionery to reflect the existence of the office in the other jurisdiction because in fact such office is not an office of the partnership. It, of course, would be entirely proper for the inquiring attorney to also utilize individual stationery listing both offices, this being the holding of our Opinion 65-35 (since withdrawn).

[Revised: 08-24-2011]