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March 18, 2013
Lisa Tipton, APR,
The Florida Bar
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Editor’s Note: Lawyer photographs are available at this link on The Florida Bar website.

TALLAHASSEE, March 18 – The Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization & Education is proud to announce that 221 of The Florida Bar members who earned legal board certification in civil trial or tax law in 1983 have maintained their board certification status for 30 years, including eight who hold emeritus specialist status.

In Florida, only board certified lawyers may use the terms “specialist,” “expert” or “B.C.S.” for Board Certified Specialist when referring to their legal credentials. Members who hold emeritus specialist status no longer practice law, but are recognized for their past and continuing contribution in the advancement of the specialty area through other career activities.

"Maintaining board certification for 30 continuous years is a significant professional accomplishment," said Florida Bar President Gwynne A. Young of Carlton Fields in Tampa. "These individuals are leaders by example in Florida's legal profession and we salute their commitment to excellence and professionalism in the practice of law."

Board certification evaluates attorneys’ special knowledge, skills and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice. About 4,600 of Florida’s 93,000 lawyers have earned board certification. Florida offers 24 specialty areas for board certification, more than any other state.

Background. Board certification is The Florida Bar's highest evaluation of attorneys' competence and experience in one or more of the 24 areas of law approved for certification by the Supreme Court of Florida. Florida Bar board certified lawyers must demonstrate ability and experience in their fields and professionalism within the legal community.

A lawyer who is a member in good standing of The Florida Bar and who meets the standards prescribed by the state's Supreme Court may become board certified in one or more of the 24 certification fields.

Minimum requirements for certification are listed below; each area of certification may contain higher or additional standards.

To become a board certified specialist, a lawyer must:
        - be an active member in good standing of The Florida Bar.
        - practice law for a minimum of five years.
        - complete approved legal education programs.
        - demonstrate substantial experience in the specialty area.
        - be favorably evaluated by judges and other lawyers as to competency and professionalism in the specialty field.
        - pass a comprehensive written examination in the specialty area or satisfy strict criteria to exempt the exam.

Board certification is valid for five years. During that time, the attorney must continue to practice law and attend Florida Bar-approved continuing legal education courses.

Recertification requirements are similar to those for initial certification. Not all qualified lawyers are certified, but those who are board certified have voluntarily taken the extra step to have their competence and experience evaluated.

For more information, please visit The Florida Bar Web site at or contact The Florida Bar’s Legal Specialization & Education Department at (850) 561-5842.

The lawyers grouped below by judicial circuit, cities and specialty areas this year are celebrating 30 years of Florida Bar board certification in civil trial or tax law.

1st Circuit (All from Pensacola)
      Civil Trial
      Thomas Larry Hill
      Danny L. Kepner
      Fredric Gerson Levin

      Tax Law
      Robert D. Hart Jr.
      William V. Linne
      Wright Moulton

2nd Circuit
      Jon D. Caminez, Civil Trial

      S. William Fuller Jr., Civil Trial
      Robert Stephen Hightower, Tax Law
      James P. Judkins, Civil Trial
      E.C. Deeno Kitchen, Civil Trial

3rd Circuit (Both Civil Trial)
      Richard Bradford Davis Jr., Jasper
      Bruce Wayne Robinson, Lake City

4th Circuit (All from Jacksonville)
      Civil Trial
      Charles Wayne Alford
      The Honorable Tyrie William Boyer
      Thomas R. Brown
      William C. Gentry
      John Wayne Hogan
      Charles C. Howell III
      Rutledge Richardson Liles
      James Curtis Rinaman Jr.
      Robert F. Spohrer
      James T. Terrell
      Dianne Jay Weaver
      Edward Alfred White

      Tax Law
      Thomas M. Donahoo
      Michael N. Schneider
      Frederick R. Short Jr.

5th Circuit (Ocala)
    Civil Trial
    Randy Robert Briggs
    Edwin C. Cluster

6th Circuit
      Belleair Bluffs
Hugh Nilsen Smith, Civil Trial

      Civil Trial
      Stephen Overstreet Cole
      John M. Elias
      Jeffrey Stuart O'Brien

      Tax Law
      John Marvin Guthrie
      Julian Paul Raymond

    Saint Petersburg
          Civil Trial
          William F. Blews
          David L. Bresler
          Kenneth C. Deacon Jr.
          Larry David Goldstein
          William C. Kaleel Jr.
          Thomas D. Masterson
          Peter N. Meros
          Howard P. Ross
          Walter E. Smith
          James Beckett Thompson
          Richard Edward Wolverton
          Tax Law
          Joel D. Bronstein

7th Circuit (All Civil Trial)
      Daytona Beach
    William M. Chanfrau
Brian Donovan Hill
Daniel Steven Wallace

      Ormond Beach
Paul A. Bernardini
James Lester Kaney
      Saint Augustine
Richard Gary Rumrell
    8th Circuit (All Civil Trial, All from Gainesville)
        Neil Chonin
        Ellsworth William Hoppe Jr.
        Leonard E Ireland Jr.

    9th Circuit
            Civil Trial
            John W. Bussey III
            Craig Cameron
            James Nolan Carter
            David B. King
            William Lee Kirk Jr.
            Karl O. Koepke
            Sidney Howard Parrish
            William Berry Wilson
            Council Wooten Jr.

            Tax Law
            Thomas R. Allen
            William A. Boyles
            Michael James Canan
            Charles Henry Egerton
            Donald Frank Jacobs
            Richard Monroe Robinson
        Winter Park
            Civil Trial
            Elizabeth Hawthorne Faiella, Winter Park
            Dan Hudson Honeywell, Winter Park
            Holmes Russell Troutman, Winter Park
            Tax Law
            William Parker Battaglia (Emeritus Specialist)

    10th Circuit (All Civil Trial)
        Ralph Scott Bunn, Winter Haven
        Sidney Malcolm Crawford, Lakeland
        John Wesley Frost II, Bartow
        Robert L. Trohn, Lakeland
        Louis James Williams, Lakeland

    11th Circuit
        Civil Trial
          Thomas Patrick Ford Jr. (Emeritus Specialist)
          Coral Gables
          James Curtis Blecke
          Carl H. Hoffman Jr.
          Steven Michael Siegfried
          Edward Robert Blumberg
          Gregory M. Cesarano
          Jeffrey Michael Cohen
          Steven K. Deutsch
          Gary Devenow Fox
          Alan Graham Greer
          Robert Alfred Lazenby (Emeritus Specialist)
          Mark Alan Leibowitz
          Harry A. Payton
          Burt Edward Redlus
          Stephen Frederick Rossman
          Melville Stephen Smith III
          Larry Scott Stewart
          Joel Richard Wolpe
          Stephen Neal Zack

        Tax Law
          Lynn Warren Fromberg

          Bay Harbor Islands
          A. Jeffrey Barash

          Coral Gables
          Karl Lawrence Gragg
          Martin Joel Nash
          Sydney S. Traum

          Kenneth Marc Bloom
          Nicholas Manuel Daniels
          Howard Wayne Gordon
          Fredric Alan Hoffman
          Melvin J. Jacobowitz
          Jeffrey A. Kern
          Donna Carol Litman
          Robert E. Panoff
          Henry Howard Raattama Jr.
          Charles Louis Ruffner
          Herbert A. Shore
          Samuel Charles Ullman
          Andrew H. Weinstein

    12th Circuit
        Civil Trial
          Daniel Allison Carlton
          George Robert McLain
          William Eddins Partridge
          Steven George Schember
          L. Norman Vaughan-Birch

          Robert C. Widman

        Tax Law
          Harry S. Colburn Jr.

          James Oliver Fergeson Jr.
          Wayne Franklin Seitl

          Michael D Horlick

    13th Circuit
      Daniel N. Burton, Civil Trial (Emeritus Specialist)

          Civil Trial
          Michael C. Addison
          Timothy Gordon Anderson
          Honorable Charles Edgar Bergmann
          James Richard Caldwell Jr.
          William Donald Cox
          Patrick Hal Dekle
          Dennis Gus Diecidue
          Gasper James Ficarrotta
          Thomas Michael Foster
          Thomas F. Granahan II
          Mac A. Greco Jr.
          Donald G. Greiwe
          Benjamin H. Hill III
          A. Woodson Isom Jr.
          John Joseph McLaughlin
          John Michael Murray
          Thomas John Roehn
          Clifford L. Somers
          William J. Terry
          Roger A. Vaughan Jr.
          Bill Wagner
          Charles Steven Yerrid
          Tax Law
          Bernard Alan Barton Jr.
          Joseph D. Edwards
          Merritt Ames Gardner
          William Kalish

    15th Circuit
        Boca Raton
    Lawrence Burton Friedman, Civil Trial
    Thomas V. Siciliano, Tax Law

    Stephen Gary Fischer, Civil Trial (Emeritus Specialist)

        North Palm Beach
    Patrick Charles Massa, Civil Trial

        West Palm Beach
          Civil Trial
          Theodore Babbitt
          Forrest Gregory Barnhart
          Robert Thomas Bergin Jr.
          John Michael Burman
          Charles Henry Damsel Jr.
          Earl Lauder Denney Jr.
          Thomas Goldstein
          Lake Lytal Jr.
          Alexander Myers (Emeritus Specialist)
          Joseph John Reiter
          Gerald Frederick Richman
          John Scarola
          Christian Dietrich Searcy
          Louis Marc Silber
          Sidney A. Stubbs Jr.
          Thomas Edward Warner
          Tax Law
          Thornton Montagu Henry
          Martin Victor Katz

    17th Circuit
      Stanley H. Beck, Tax Law

      Fort Lauderdale
        Civil Trial
      Walter Gordon Campbell Jr.
        Gordon James III
        Jon E. Krupnick
        Robert Dewitt McIntosh
        Charles M. Prince
        Terrence Joseph Russell

        Tax Law
      Larry V. Bishins
        James Bevington Davis
        Gene Kenneth Glasser
        Stephen Fred Goldenberg
        Martin R. Press
        Joseph Glenn Young

      Marvin Tevie Bornstein, Tax Law

      Lighthouse Point
      Donald A. Wich Jr., Civil Trial

    Harry M. Rosen, Civil Trial

    18th Circuit
      James B. Byrne Jr., Civil Trial

      S. Sammy Cacciatore Jr., Civil Trial
      Dale Allen Dettmer, Tax Law
      Gary Brennan Frese, Tax Law
      James Homer Nance, Civil Trial
      Charles Rickman Stack, Civil Trial

      Merritt Island
      Joe Teague Caruso, Civil Trial

      Jon Eric Johnson, Civil Trial

    19th Circuit
      Fort Pierce
      Chester B. Griffin, Tax Law

      Walter Jay Hunston Jr., Civil Trial (Emeritus Specialist)

      Vero Beach
      Eugene J O'Neill, Civil Trial
      Edward Steven Lauer, Tax Law
      Charles Edgar Garris, Tax Law

    20th Circuit
      Bonita Springs
      William N. Horowitz, Tax Law

      Fort Myers
      Michael Joseph Corso, Civil Trial
      Kim Patrick Hart, Civil Trial
      J. Jeffrey Rice, Civil Trial
      T. Rankin Terry Jr., Civil Trial

      Joe Bruce Cox, Tax Law
      William Douglas Keith, Civil Trial
      The Honorable Daniel Robert Monaco, Civil Trial

    Out of State
        Civil Trial
        The Honorable Newman Dempsey Brock, Dothan, Ala. (Emeritus Specialist)

        Tax Law
        Marshal David Gibson, New Haven, Conn.
        Michael Alan Hyett, Atlantic City, N.J.
        Richard A. Shapack, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
        Jeffry L, Weiler, Highland Heights, Ohio

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