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December 20, 2013
Francine A. Walker;,
The Florida Bar
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TALLAHASSEE – Miami attorney Ramón A. Abadin has been elected without opposition as The Florida Bar’s president-elect designate. Additionally, 20 incumbent Board of Governors members were re-elected without opposition; three new board members were elected; and one incumbent is in a contested race. Abadin will be sworn in as president-elect at the Bar’s Annual Convention in June 2014 when Gregory W. Coleman of West Palm Beach becomes president. Abadin will become Florida Bar president in June 2015.

The 20 incumbents re-elected without opposition for two-year terms (2014-16) are:
    • 1st Circuit, Seat 1 – Stephen Herre Echsner, Pensacola
    • 2nd Circuit, Seat 2 – William Howard Davis, Tallahassee
    • 6th Circuit, Seat 1 – Andrew Blaise Sasso, Clearwater
    • 7th Circuit, Seat 1 – Sandra C. Upchurch, Daytona Beach
    • 9th Circuit, Seat 1 – Mary Ann Morgan, Winter Park
    • 10th Circuit, Seat 1 – C. Richard "Rick" Nail, Lakeland
    • 11th Circuit, Seat 3 – Leslie J. Lott, Coral Cables
    • 11th Circuit, Seat 5 – Dennis G. Kainen, Miami
    • 11th Circuit, Seat 7 – John H. “Jack” Hickey, Miami
    • 13th Circuit, Seat 1 – William J. Schifino Jr., Tampa
    • 13th Circuit, Seat 4 – Michael S. Hooker, Tampa
    • 14th Circuit, Seat 1 – John W. "Jay" Manuel, Panama City
    • 15th Circuit, Seat 1 – David C. Prather, West Palm Beach
    • 15th Circuit, Seat 3 – Michelle R. Suskauer, West Palm Beach
    • 17th Circuit, Seat 1 – Walter G. "Skip” Campbell Jr., Fort Lauderdale
    • 17th Circuit, Seat 4 – Jay Cohen, Fort Lauderdale
    • 18th Circuit, Seat 1 – O. John Alpizar, Palm Bay
    • 20th Circuit, Seat 1 – Laird A. Lile, Naples
    • Out-of-State, Seat 2 – Ian M. Comisky, Philadelphia
    • Out-of-State, Seat 4 – Brian D. Burgoon, Atlanta
Newly elected for two-year terms (2014-2016) are:
    • 3rd Circuit, Seat 1 – Bruce W. Robinson, Lake City
    • 9th Circuit, Seat 3 – Wayne L. Helsby, Winter Park
    • 11th Circuit, Seat 1 – Roland Sanchez-Medina, Miami

Contested race
The one contested race is in the 4th Circuit, Seat 1, with Fred Douglas Franklin challenging incumbent Samuel Grier Wells, both of Jacksonville. Ballots for the contested race will be mailed to eligible voters by March 1, 2014.

The Board of Governors is the Bar’s governing body, with exclusive authority to formulate and adopt matters of policy concerning the activities of the Bar, subject to limitations imposed by The Rules Regulating The Florida Bar. The 52-member board is comprised of:
    • The Bar president and president-elect;
    • The president and president-elect of the Young Lawyers Division;
    • Representatives elected by members of the Bar from each of the state's 20 judicial circuits;
    • Four out-of-state representatives elected by Florida Bar members who reside outside of Florida;
    • And two public members appointed by the Florida Supreme Court.
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