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President’s Page
Back to the Future — It’s About Leadership
by Scott G. Hawkins


Appellate Practice
Amicus Briefs: What Have They Done for Courts Lately?
by Carrie Ann Wozniak

City, County and Local Government Law
FLUEDRA: Flawed, but Fixable?
by Craig H. Coller and Dennis A. Kerbel

Tax Law
Estate Planning for Same-sex Partners
by George D. Karibjanian

Young Lawyers Division
Loyalty to the Process: Advocacy and Ethics in the Age of E-discovery
by Margaret Rowell Good

June 2012
Volume 86, No. 6
Who Is This Guy Touhy, and What Am I Supposed To Be Requesting? by Robert D. Peltz (May 2012)

Mandatory Injunctions: The Forgotten Art of Putting the Horse Back in the Proverbial Barn — by Donald A. Blackwell and Stephanie Martinez (May 2012)

Don’t Let the Blindfold Slip: A Guide to Judicial Disqualification — by Marcia K. Lippincott [April 2012]

Ruminations on the Relationship Between the Economic Loss Rule and Claims for Breach of Fiduciary Duty — by Thomas Wade Young (March 2012)

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