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Chief Justice LabargaBudget Complete

There’s no funding for the second phase of a pay equity plan for court system employees, no pay raises for judges, and no money for new judges. But there’s money to make repairs to the Third District Court of Appeal courthouse, funds for a new Fourth DCA courthouse, $2 million to add case managers for the trial courts, and almost $1 million to add eight technology positions to the judicial branch

Ramon AbadinAbadin boosts the number of women on Bar committees
It was by design that Ramón Abadin appointed more women to committees than any other Florida Bar president-elect. “I am mindful of the disparity of women lawyers in positions of power in our profession,” Abadin said.

Court says appellate jurists may coordinate campaigns
Supreme Court justices and district court of appeal judges up for merit retention can coordinate their campaigns with their fellow jurists for the same office if they face active opposition, according to the Supreme Court.

Renee ThompsonLeadership Academy welcomes third class
The Florida Bar will train 52 “fellows” for future leadership roles within the legal profession as part of the third class of the Wm. Reece Smith, Jr., Leadership Academy.

Governor signs Regis Little Act to Protect Children with Special Needs
Gov. ScottGov. Rick Scott signed into law on June 10 the Regis Little Act to Protect Children with Special Needs, which ensures vulnerable foster youth have a guardian in place at age 18. The issue was a priority of The Florida Bar’s Legal Needs of Children Committee. The issue was a priority of The Florida Bar’s Legal Needs of Children Committee.

Bar website upgraded
When Bar members next visit The Florida Bar’s website, they’ll notice some changes made to the “Find a Lawyer” and member profile pages.

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    Ramón A. Abadin: President of The Florida Bar
    The Florida Bar JournalSoot and smoke swirled in the engine room of the Langfitt, where young Ramón Abadin sweated in 120-degree heat as a “wiper” cleaning behind boilers. Abadin was glad to snag this job working on the 351-foot dredge boat at the mouth of the Mississippi River for two summers after freshman and sophomore years at Tulane University in New Orleans. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers paid $15 an hour, big money for a kid working his way through college in the late ’70s. His Cuban-American parents in Miami couldn’t afford to send him away to college, so Abadin cobbled together tuition and living expenses with financial aid, a little scholarship money, and his own resourcefulness....

    July 1, 2015
    JENNIFER OLMEDO-RODRIGUEZ stands in the kitchen of what was once her father’s and uncle’s childhood home in Havana, until they fled Cuba 45 years ago.

    International Law Section visits Cuba
    We listened to those who gave us the straight scoop'
    The last time Steve Zack saw his family home in Havana was in 1961, when riot smoke and gunfire filled the air and he boarded a plane to flee Castro’s regime. He was only 14 years old when he was taken off that plane, strip-searched, and held incommunicado under house arrest.


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    -Leadership Academy welcomes third class

    TO FURTHER THE Florida Bar YLD’s health and wellness initiative, the Pinellas County chapter of FAWL collaborated with the St. Petersburg Bar YLS and the Clearwater Bar YLD for a CLE and paddleboarding lesson May 30.

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