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December 1, 2012
19 judicial races decided in November

Of 19 judicial races on the November ballot, five involved incumbent candidates, two for the circuit bench and three for county judgeships. Non-incumbent candidates were in runoff elections for 14 seats, four open circuit court judgeships and 10 open seats on the county courts.

General election results show one of two incumbent circuit court judges and two of three incumbent county judges won re-election. Among nonincumbent candidates, five won election to the circuit bench, and 11 to the county bench.

Circuit Courts
Second Circuit, Group 2: Barbara Haynes Hobbs ousted incumbent Josefina Tamayo with 54.23 percent to 45.77 percent of the vote.

Third Circuit, Group 5: Wesley Douglas took 100 percent of the vote (write-in candidate Angela M. Cancio did not appear on primary ballot).

Fourth Circuit, Group 1: Incumbent Brian J. Davis remains in office with 100 percent of the vote (write-in candidate Gerald L. Wilkerson did not appear on primary ballot).

Ninth Circuit, Group 7: Leticia “Letty” Marques garnered 58 percent of the vote to Joel C. Wilson’s 42 percent.

Tenth Circuit, Group 7: William “Bill” Sites bested Christina Trakas Thornhill, with 53.45 percent to 46.55 percent of the vote.

Seventeenth Circuit, Group 45: Laura Marie Watson, with 50.87 percent of the vote, defeated Julio Gonzalez, Jr., with 49.13 percent.

County Courts
Brevard County, Group 5: Stephen R. Koons bested Dale C. Jacobus with 53 percent to 47 percent of the vote.

Broward County, Group 5: Olga Levine won with 52.33 percent of the vote to Robert Nichols’ 47.67 percent.

Broward County, Group 10: Incumbent Robert F. Diaz remains on the bench with 58.64 percent of the vote, with challenger Roshawn Banks receiving 41.36 percent.

Collier County, Group 2: Jim McGarity, with 55.22 percent of the vote, ousted incumbent Eugene Turner, with 44.77 percent.

Duval County, Group 12, Michelle Kalil won with 55.98 percent against Rhonda Peoples-Waters, with 44.02 percent.

Flagler County, Group 1: D. Melissa Moore Stens, with 51.11 percent, bested Craig Atack, with 48.89 percent of the vote.

Miami-Dade County, Group 24: Incumbent Andrea D. Ricker Wolfson kept her seat with 53.63 percent of the vote over Greer Elaine Wallace’s 46.37 percent.

Pasco County, Group 2: Frank Grey, with 53.88 percent of the vote, won against Tom Hanlon with 46.12 percent.

Putnam County, Group 1: Joe Boatwright III was victorious over Tito S. Smith, with 55.94 percent of the vote, to 44.06 percent.

Seminole County, Group 2: Debra L. Krause won with 54.71 percent of the vote to Jeff Dowdy’s 45.29 percent.

Taylor County, Group 1: Bill Blue, with 51.57 percent, bested George Cline Moore, with 48.42 percent of the vote.

Union County, Group 1: Robert C. “Bo” Bayer reaped 54.57 percent of the vote against Russell A. “Rusty” Wade III’s 45.42 percent.

Volusia County, Group 4: Christopher Kelly beat Adam Warren with 63.42 percent of the vote to 36.58 percent.

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