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March 15, 2013
Calling all Third DCA law clerks

The Third District Court of Appeal Historical Society was formed to commemorate and preserve the court’s history.

Its mission is to preserve the court’s historical records; create further records; document the history and achievements of the court; and educate the public about the workings of the court and the judicial system as a whole.

As part of that effort, the society needs help identifying the hundreds of attorneys who served as law clerks since the court’s founding in 1957.

If you were a Third DCA law clerk, or know of someone who was, contact Chip George at cgeorge@cmpg­, or (305) ­661-7686. Provide your name, the name of your judge(s), your date(s) of service, and your current contact information.

[Revised: 10-29-2016]