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December 15, 2012
Literary Lawyers

Jeff A. Kasky and Robert A. Kasky of Kasky & Kasky in Deerfield Beach published 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before . . .Choosing Adoption, a combination of true stories from the world of adoption, along with a layperson’s guide to the very basics of Florida adoption. The book is available in electronic versions for every format, including iPad and Kindle, and it’s available in Kindle and paperback versions on Amazon.

John Frost Walker III of the Law Offices of Citrin & Walker in Miami Beach published Headin’ Down the Line. The author and his wife Joan were folksingers who sang and played locally in Miami during the ’70s. Frost started the book to preserve the lyrics to the many songs he wrote then and since. However, in describing the genesis of each song, the book became more than a catalog of songs. It became a love story: about Joan and Frost for sure, but also, in the words of the author, “about the luminescent past, the ghosts who call to us all, and, as well, the lost and lonesome souls struggling in a hostile world who found purchase in the music.” The book is available on Amazon.

Michael W. Melvin of Ft. Lauderdale published Practicing Life, an autobiographical guide to attaining success and happiness in the practice of law and life itself. The book is available as an e-book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, and on most other ebook publishing sites.

Don Beverly of West Palm Beach has written How to Talk Western, a humorous work designed as a handbook for Easterners who plan to visit the West and “wanna talk the talk.” It has been released in e-book format and is available in print from Grey Gecko Press. Beverly is also the author of the Jake McCall series of adventure novels, Operation: Everglades and Cartel Connection, both now available as 3-books and in print. The third in the series, Fisherman’s Knife, is scheduled for release in early 2013. Sample chapters and descriptions, including photo galleries for each book, can be found at the author’s website,

Jason Vail of Tallahassee has four novels in print. Lone Star Rising: Voyage of the Wasp is set in an alternate history in which the American rebels lost the Revolution. It is a sea tale of pirates, stolen treasure, and vicious sea battles in the waning days of the age of sail. The Wayward Apprentice takes place in 13th century England, and Stephen Attebrook, an out-of-work former soldier, in desperation, takes a position as a deputy coroner in a small English town. It seems an easy job until he mistakes a murder for an accidental drowning and further murder and mayhem follow. Baynard’s List is second in the Attebrook series, and Attebrook must find a stolen list of supporters of rebels plotting to overthrow King Henry III before a conscienceless killer gets to it first. A Dreadful Penance, third in the series, finds Attebrook sent to solve the murder of an Augustine monk and pitched into the midst of a bitter feud that is rudely interrupted by a Welsh invasion. All are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Linda Suzzanne Griffin of Clearwater has written The Survivor’s Navigator. A Practical Guide to Dealing with the Death of a Loved One in Florida. The book was written based on Griffin’s personal experience of losing her 59-year-old father who had a fatal heart attack while walking on the beach. It is intended to be a simple-language book that educates people about the things they have to do when someone close to them dies. The book may be found at and is sold on Amazon.

Tom Bleakley of Lakewood Ranch released a legal thriller, Serenity, a fictionalized version of a real case. He writes about an unfaithful husband headed toward an unwanted divorce who takes a drug noted for its effects of causing bizarre behavior and winds up killing his wife. The book asks, “Who is to blame?” Is it the killer or the avaricious drug company making huge profits and trying to hide news of the drug’s terrible effects? A jury decides guilt or innocence — or does it? Serenity was published by Pennsylvania publisher Word Association. The book, ISBN 9781595717986, is available for immediate delivery and may be purchased at,, and

Joel Levine of Miami published The Corruption of Michael Levitt, a story of a bright but naïve young lawyer who, while trying to make it in this world, is gradually corrupted by the universe in which he exists.
Levitt’s world, set in New York and Miami, is populated by flawed characters and aberrant behavior. The novel is a decade-long saga of hope, ambition, angst, sex, friendship, and betrayal. and particularly appeals to readers who appreciate complex schemes and scams and enjoy laughing at the strangest circumstances. The book may be purchased at the bookstore of any device one may have — iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, etc., or in hard cover or paperback at

Jesse Stellato of David A. Carter, P.A., in Boca Raton penned Not in Our Name: American Antiwar Speeches, 1846 to the Present. Published by Penn State University Press, Not in Our Name collects and analyzes the most important antiwar speeches in American history. It is a book about the origins and consequences of America’s wars, but also about the integrity and sacrifices of those who fought on the front lines of dissent.
The book is available at, in hardcover and electronic editions.

Thomas Tansey of Ft. Lauderdale has written Back Roads Traveler, where he shares his experiences meeting and interviewing people along back roads and in small towns in his quest to discover rural America. It is available at Amazon.

Jerome Sanford of Gainesville published The Lost Spy, his second spy/thriller, that tells the tale of an ex-CIA operative who is mysteriously transported back to Gainesville in 1942. There, he meets a beautiful British spy and later joins the Office of Strategic Services. Aided by future British novelist Ian Fleming, they prevent the atomic bomb from falling into Hitler’s hands. The book may be purchased online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in hard cover, paperback, and as an e-book.

Deborah E. Roser of Roser Law LLC in Bradenton and Peggy R. Hoyt of Hoyt & Bryan in Oviedo published Thank Everybody for Everything! Grow Your Life and Business with Gratitude. What you send out returns to you. Attract joy and prosperity through acts of kindness and expressions of gratitude. You have the power to control what the world sends you. Make good things happen when you thank everybody for everything. The book can be purchased an Amazon (in print and for Kindle) and from the authors.

Gene Jones of Sarasota published Suwannee Divide, historical fiction that relates little known Florida Civil War history. Floridians, both black and white, struggled during the war. Although the third bloodiest battle of the war for its size saved Tallahassee, occupation, insurrection, and anarchy devastated Florida. Nevertheless, the will to survive prevailed. Suwannee Divide may be purchased on in paperback and Kindle editions, or through

Frank Warren Swacker of St. Petersburg penned the e-book, Murder Trilogy, a collection of three of his recent full-length, two-act plays, published as an e-book in May by Amazon and sold by and other book publishers. The plays are based upon two of his hardcover books published by Jas. A. Rock & Co.

The first play, “Who Murdered the Chairman?” is based upon his book Boardroom Conspiracies, a humorous spoof on the rascals that caused the last economic downturn.
The second play, “Arbitrating Murder,” is a hysterical treatment of his book Who Murdered Mom? that provides an entertaining look inside the D.C. beltway.

The third play, “Spreading Murder and Happiness” is a psychological drama. It is based upon the book in progress with writer Darla J. Blaha, who wrote La Grange Chicken Ranch Revised that became the basis of the stage play and movie “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”

Denise Marie Nieman of Palm Beach County has published Rock the World Rehab, a four-step “get red carpet ready” body+mind+heart+soul detox adventure. This book shows how to dump toxic people, places, things, attitudes, and habits that keep you from being your best. It may be found in all formats online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes,The Book Depository, etc., as well as at

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