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April 1, 2013
UM teamA TEAM FROM MIAMI LAW recently emerged as a regional winner in the ABA’s National Appellate Advocacy Competition in Las Vegas, part of a qualifying round of a national contest that will conclude in April. The Miami Law team is composed of, from the left, Jessica Marroquin, Jordan Redavid, Andrea Solano, and coach Harvey Sepler. Redavid was named the second best oralist. “All of us who have the good fortune to work with the school’s advocacy programs know how much work goes into a team’s performance, how challenging these competitions are, and how great the reward is for the competitors and the school,” Sepler said. “I’ve been fortunate to work with the moot court program for more than 15 years and I never stop being amazed at what our students can achieve.” Competitors participated in a hypothetical appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. The competition involves writing a brief as either respondent or petitioner and then arguing the case in front of the mock court. This year, the case at issue consisted of alleged violations of a person’s Fourth Amendment protections against unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution.

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