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April 1, 2013
past presidents of the West Pasco Bar Association

THE WEST PASCO BAR ASSOCIATION recently gathered to honor the many past presidents who are still active in the organization. Nearly 30 former presidents attended the occasion that has now become an annual event for the bar. Among the association’s past presidents were Mark Spence, Daniel Rock, Allyson Hughes, Russell Marlowe, Bruce E. Przepis, Al Torrence, Craig LaPorte, Matt Ellrod, William Webb, Richard C. Williams, Jr., Wayne Coulter, Michael Beam, Keith Hammond, David Gilmore, Steve Doran, Frank Grey, Randall Love, Tara O’Connor, Sallie Skipper, Joan Nelson Hook, Hugh Umsted, N. John Stewart, Kenneth Meismer, Debora Diaz, and Jenny Sieg.

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