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April 1, 2013
Florida Coastal offers fast track program

In summer 2013, Florida Coastal School of Law will begin offering the JD Fast Track, an invitation-only program, in which participating students complete their legal education in only two years.

The curriculum for the JD Fast Track program consists of the same number of credit hours as traditional three-year programs and enables students to enter the legal community one year sooner. The summer 2013 semester will begin May 20.

According to the school, the JD Fast Track provides financial benefits to participating students in reducing their living expenses by a third, and students who start the program in May will not be charged tuition for their final semester and will also be enrolled in the Coastal Law Enhanced Bar Preparation Program at no cost.

“This represents a total legal education savings of approximately $50,000,” according to Florida Coastal.

The curriculum features two nine-week summer semesters of 10-credit hours each and four subsequent fall and spring semesters of 16 credit hours. In addition, students will take one skills course during each of the three subsequent intersession semesters. By the conclusion of the JD Fast Track program, students will have taken 90 credits in the law school curriculum, fulfilling the same requirements and educational experiences as students in a traditional three-year program.

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