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March 15, 2014
Consumer Protection Lawyer of the Year nominations sought

When consumers face pocketbook issues, they turn to attorneys practicing consumer law. These are the attorneys who help them fight a foreclosure or steer them through bankruptcy or help restore their credit.

The Consumer Protection Law Committee is accepting nominations for the Consumer Protection Lawyer of the Year Award, which lauds a Florida practitioner for efforts that benefit the practice of consumer law. First presented in 2011, the award recognizes excellence, character, and commitment to the practice of consumer protection law. The nomination form is available on the committee’s Florida Bar website.

Nominations, which are due April 11, should:

* Explain how the nominee promotes the ideals and values of consumer protection and advocacy.

* Describe the nominee’s participation in notable projects or activities advancing consumer protection (e.g., consumer protection casework, projects, extraordinary mentoring, extensive service on consumer advocacy groups or boards.)

* Provide other examples that demonstrate the lawyer’s exemplary professionalism, excellence, character, and commitment to consumer protection.

For more information, email Susannah Lyle at or call 850-561-5669.

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