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“Education law” means the practice of law involving the legal rights, responsibilities, procedures, and practices of “educational institutions,” students, personnel employed by or on behalf of educational institutions, and the guardians and parents of students participating in education. The term “education law” shall also mean the practice of law on behalf of public or private clients in matters including, but not limited to: state, federal, and local laws, regulations, and proceedings involving student rights and student discipline; administrative law and rules regulating the operations of schools and education in Florida; charter schools; finance issues involving educational institutions, including bond indebtedness, certificates of participation, impact fees, and educational benefit districts; litigation involving educational institutions, including matters of sovereign immunity, civil rights in educational environments, including the civil rights of students and personnel in education; labor issues involving educational institutions, including standards of professional performance and practices involving personnel employed by or on behalf of educational institutions; private school contract matters and litigation involving private school entities; disability law, including §504, Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, and the Americans With Disabilities Act; laws of general governance, including the Sunshine Law, Public Records Act, Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Officials, purchasing and bid issues; and construction, land use and development law as these areas relate to educational facilities. The purpose of education law certification is to identify lawyers who, although they may not practice substantially in each of these areas, nonetheless concentrate their practice of law in a wide variety of these categories of law in the educational environment, either on behalf of persons dealing with or receiving educational services, or as practitioners on behalf of educational institutions. “Education law” also includes presiding as an administrative law judge, arbitrator, hearing officer, judge or member of another tribunal or panel over a dispute involving education law issues.

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Board Certification Applications for Lawyers

The applications for initial board certification and recertification are currently being updated and will be posted here by the end of March.

You will be due to file a recertification application by June 15, 2016 if you were originally certified in 2011.

The filing period for initial applications is July 1 - August 31.

General Information:
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Standards for Certification Of A Board Certified Education Law Lawyer – Rules Regulating The Florida Bar 6-27

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Education Law Committee Members

Education Law Certification Staff Liaison Contact Information:
Charlotte Bell
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