The Florida Bar

RULE 4-7.23



(a) Definition of Lawyer Directory. A lawyer directory is any person, group of persons, association, organization, or entity that receives any consideration, monetary or otherwise, given in exchange for publishing a listing of lawyers together in one place, such as a common Internet address, a book or pamphlet, a section of a book or pamphlet, in which all the participating lawyers and their advertisements are provided and the viewer is not directed to a particular lawyer or lawyers. A local or voluntary bar association that lists its members on its website or in its publications is not a lawyer directory under this rule. This rule does not apply to traditional telephone directories.

(b) When Lawyers May Advertise in a Directory. A lawyer may not advertise in a directory unless the directory:

    (1) engages in no communication with the public and in no direct contact with prospective clients in a manner that would violate the Rules of Professional Conduct if the communication or contact were made by the lawyer;

    (2) receives no fee or charge that constitutes a division or sharing of fees;

    (3) lists only persons lawfully permitted to practice law in Florida when the services to be rendered constitute the practice of law in Florida;

    (4) responds in writing, within 15 days, to any official inquiry by bar counsel when bar counsel is seeking information described in this subdivision or conducting an investigation into the conduct of the directory or a lawyer who pays to be listed in the directory;

    (5) neither represents nor implies to the public that the directory is endorsed or approved by The Florida Bar;

    (6) uses its actual legal name or a registered fictitious name in all communications with the public; and

    (7) affirmatively states in all advertisements that it is a legal directory or lawyer directory.

(c) Responsibility of Lawyer. A lawyer who advertises in a lawyer directory is responsible for ensuring that any advertisements or written communications used by the directory comply with the requirements of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar, and that the directory is in compliance with the provisions of this subchapter. It is a violation of these Rules Regulating the Florida Bar and a failure of such responsibility if the lawyer knows or should have known that the directory is not in compliance with applicable rules or if the lawyer failed to seek information necessary to determine compliance.

[Revised: 05/01/2013]