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Client Perceptions of Litigation-What Counts: Process or Results?

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Classification:Client - Client Concerns
Date Published:07/01/1988
Title:Client Perceptions of Litigation-What Counts: Process or Results?
Source:Trial/Tom Tyler

Tyler's interviews with clients suggest that client participation in his/her case is more positive regardless of the outcome. Clients desires to express their grievances and to particitpate in settling their problems may run counter to lawyers' and judges' need for efficiency. Judges are under a heavy caseload and need to conclude cases quickly, limiting the time that they have to allow people to express their opinions.
Legal perspective and client perspective can be entirely different, encouraging lawyers to recognize that their clients are interested in how their problems are handled, not simply the desire to win.
Sensitivity to clients notions of fair treatment promotes acceptance of, and satisfaction with, legal settlements in situations in which clients do not receive all that they want or feel that they deserve.
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