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Professionalism: Should There Be Limits on Lawyer Zeal?

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Classification:Client - Client Concerns
Date Published:07/21/1986
Title:Professionalism: Should There Be Limits on Lawyer Zeal?
Source:NLJ/Richard A. Salomon

In this article aimed at law schools, Salomon claims that the ethical standards that motivate the legal profession consists of client allegiance and very little to the judicial system. As the legal professsion grows more competitive for clients, lawyers are under the gun to go the extra mile for a client or the client will take their business elsewhere.
Salomon, also suggests that law schools need to use all avenues available to law students on the resolution of disputes, negotiation, and mediation techniques.
Other issues include letting the client decide his/her case strategy instead of what the attorney may feel is the best for the client's case. This would preclude a lawyer's responsiblity when the roles are at odds.
An attorney needs to provide tough, independent legal advice to his client, even if the client does not want to hear it. Lawyers owe it to the client as well as to the system of justice.
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