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Greed, Ignorance and Overbilling

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Classification:Billable Hours
Date Published:08/01/1994
Title:Greed, Ignorance and Overbilling
Source:ABA Journal/Darlene Ricker

Some lawyers have given new meaning to the term "legal fiction" . Now the profession is asking why, how widespread and how do we stop it?
In her article, Ricker cites William Ross' Rutgers Law Review ariticle on ethics and billing.

Fraudulent billing is more common than most attorneys are willing to admit. Ross says"Most dishonesty is the result of self-deception rather than conscious fraud".

Most overbilling abuses occur in large firms that have high overhead expense and have grown accustomed to the type of high profit margin that allows then to live in a high lifestyle.

Several examples are given on fraudulent billing including some firms which have been penalized for overbilling. 5 pages


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