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Classification:Billable Hours
Date Published:07/15/1991
Title:AG&G to Fire Lawyers
Source:Fulton Co. Daily Report/Charles W. Griffin

Law Firm sets $100 timesheet fee to attorneys who turn them in late.
Allen I. Hirsch, management committee member says, "The bottom line is we're a business and it's a very competitive business".
Arnall Golden is trying to escape the economic rut that has kept the firm's gross revenues struck between $17.5 million and $18.5 million since 1987.
Thomas S. Clay, a consultant with Altman Weil Pensa, estimates that 25 percent or more of law firms nationwide take some punitive measures against their lawyers for late time reports. Measures can range from delaying draws or paychecks until time is turned in to fining the lawyers.1 page


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