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Classification:Billable Hours
Date Published:09/01/1995
Title:Real Reform
Source:ABA Journal/John W. Toothman

Popularity isn't the legal systems forte. There will always be losers as well as winners. Even winners complain that justice is delayed by the legal system.
Reform isn't playing the game of "cost and delay". Legal fees are a major
complaint of clients from routine legal matters to millions of dollars spent by the federal government and major corporations.

The pressure to bill continues with firms pressuring attorneys to bill a set number of hours, either explicit or implicit, and have taken many attorneys out of the practice of law. Reform, though, will not begin with the largest firms ---they have grown to unnatural proportions and have structured themselves such that their extra partners, associates and other billing staff have become liabilities. 4 pages

Reforming hourly fees and staying on the path of zealous representation of the client will keep the attorneys of the future senisitive to client environment.


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