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Classification:Billable Hours
Date Published:03/01/1991
Title:Ethics of Billing
Source:ABA Journal

A Roundtable discussion of panelists
Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.: Sterling Professor of Law at Yale Law School and an expert in legal ethics and civil procedure. A former executive director of the American Bar Foundation and reporter to ABA committees on Professional Standards and Standards of Judicial Administration, he is the author (with F. James) of "Civil Procedure"(1985) and "Ethics in the Practice of Law"(1978);
Robert P. Cummins: He is a trial lawyer and member of the executive committee of Bickel & Brewer. He is a former chairman of the ABA Standing Committee and of the Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board. He has also served on the Board of Governors of the Illinois State Bar Association;
Richard C. Reed: Lawyer and consultant in the Bellevue, Washington office of Altman & Weil, and a legal management consulting firm. He was formerly with the Seattle-based firm of Reed, McClure, Moceri, Thonn & Moriarty, where he served as chairman of the board. A former chair of the ABA Law Practice Management Section, he is the editor of "Beyond the Billable Hour" and chairs an ABA task force on alternative billing.


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