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17 Things You Have Wanted to Tell a Judge (But Didn't Dare)
A Day in an Atlanta Court
A Failed Experiment
A National Action Plan on Lawyer Conduct and Professionalism/Conference of Chief Justices
Address to the Jury In Support Of Indictment of the Legal Professional
Blueprint for Automation: Practical Ways to Bring Technology to the Courts
Broward Judge Accused of Harassing, Belittling Lawyers in Court
Court Narrows Use of Attorney-Client Privilege
Courtroom Rules
Defining Judicial Professionalism for Purposes of Continuing Education
Dissent Permitted: Texas Appellate Judge wins Lawsuit Against Colleagues
Dow Sues Ogletree for Relying on Judge's OK
Elliott Wins One for Fellow Judges
Fulton Superior's Shadow Court
GM General Counsel Says News of Sanctions Request Was Surprise.
Governor's Perspective: Increased Professionalism Needed
Judge Faces Misconduct Charges Over Child Sex Assault Case
Judge Follows up on Vow, Lowers Boom on PD
Judge Says Halberg Reneged, Sets Aside Default Judgment
Judges, Democracy and Natural Law
Judging Well: Controlling Rambo Litigators
Judicial Balancing Act: The Appearance of Impartiality and the First Amendment
Judicial Ethics and Professionalism State-Federal Judicial Council
Judicial Privileged Class
Litigators Describe Range of Difficulties in Dealing with Judges
Modest Proposal
Murphy Blasts Butler for "Barely Skirting the Line"
One Judge's View---As To Appropriate Etiquette, Ethics, Effectiveness, Etc., and Courtoom Behavior
Personal Viewpoint: Judges Educate Inexperienced Trial Attorneys
Problems with Litigators: The Judges Respond
Professionalism in the Practice of Law: A Symposium on Civility and Judicial Ethics in the 1990's
Proposed Uniform Rules Governing Attorney Discipline in the District Court of the Eleventh Circuit
Scales of Justice Bend Under Strain
Tennessee Judge Faces Impeachment
The Cancer at the Heart of British Justice
The Courts (Old Litigators Never Die: They Just Lose Their Appeal)
The Ethics of a Judicial Decision: Judicial Decision and Personal Conscience
The Georgia Code of Judicial Conduct
The High Cost of Judging
The Need for a Rule 11 for Judges
Those Rambo Judges
Trading on Titles


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