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Audio Webcast
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Fort Lauderdale
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2017 Advanced Construction Law Certification Review Course

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Representing the Physician: It is Harder Than It Looks

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Constant Change in Florida Land Use & Environmental Law
From medical marijuana to climate justice to pollution notification and remediation, The Florida Bar’s Environmental & Land Use Law Section is excited to present a comprehensive program that will examine the many changes facing our practice areas. Our distinguished speakers will address how the adoption of Amendment 2 will shape land use law, the complicated rights that come with zoning overlays and development plats, the latest update on FDEP’s pollution notification rulemaking, the global impacts of climate justice litigation and ethical issues facing us as practicing attorneys. The day will conclude with a limited capacity tour of Orlando’s Amway Center, which recently received LEED Gold certification.
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Advanced Real Estate and Certification Review Course 2017

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Advanced Health Law Topics and Certification Review 2017
Those who have applied to take the certification exam may find this course to be a useful tool in preparing for the exam. It is developed and conducted without any involvement or endorsement by the BLSE an/or Certifiction committees. Those who have developed the program, however, have signiificant experience in their field and have tried to include topics the exam may cover. Candidates for certification who take this course should not assume that the course materials will cover all topics on the examination.
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West Palm Beach

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