The Florida Bar




(a) Members in Good Standing. Members of The Florida Bar in good standing shall mean only those persons licensed to practice law in Florida who have paid annual membership fees or dues for the current year and who are not retired, resigned, delinquent, inactive, or suspended members.

(b) Conditionally Admitted Members. The Supreme Court of Florida may admit a person with a prior history of drug, alcohol, or psychological problems to membership in The Florida Bar and impose conditions of probation as the court deems appropriate upon that member. The period of probation shall be no longer than 5 years, or for such indefinite period of time as the court may deem appropriate by conditions in its order. The conditions may include, but not be limited to, participation in a rehabilitation program, periodic blood and urine analysis, periodic psychological examinations, or supervision by another member of The Florida Bar. The probation shall be monitored by The Florida Bar and the costs thereof shall be paid by the member on probation. A failure to observe the conditions of probation or a finding of probable cause as to conduct of the member committed during the period of probation may terminate the probation and subject the member to all available disciplinary sanctions. Proceedings to determine compliance with conditions of admission shall be processed in the same manner as matters of contempt provided elsewhere in these Rules Regulating The Florida Bar. If necessary, the court may assign a judicial referee to take testimony, receive evidence, and make findings of fact in the manner prescribed in the rule concerning procedures before a referee. The findings of the referee may be appealed as provided in the rule for procedures before the supreme court.

(c) Inactive Members. Inactive members of The Florida Bar shall mean only those members who have properly elected to be classified as inactive in the manner elsewhere provided.

Inactive members shall:

(1) pay annual membership fees as set forth in rule 1-7.3;

(2) be exempt from continuing legal education requirements;

(3) affirmatively represent their membership status as inactive members of The Florida Bar when any statement of Florida Bar membership is made;

(4) not hold themselves out as being able to practice law in Florida or render advice on matters of Florida law;

(5) not hold any position that requires the person to be a licensed Florida attorney;

(6) not be eligible for certification under the Florida certification plan;

(7) not vote in Florida Bar elections or be counted for purposes of apportionment of the board of governors;

(8) certify upon election of inactive status that they will comply with all applicable restrictions and limitations imposed on inactive members of The Florida Bar.

Failure of an inactive member to comply with all requirements thereof shall be cause for disciplinary action.

An inactive member may, at any time, apply for reinstatement to membership in good standing in the manner provided in rule 1-3.7.

[Revised: 04/25/2002]