vCard - virtual Card, electronic business card.

With the addition of vCards to each member record, The Florida Bar provides an important service to both members and the public. For members, the vCard allows web users to add an attorney to his or her mail client contacts list quickly and accurately. The web user is then able to correspond reliably with the member, using the same information found in the member record. Too often, manually entered Contact entries contain typing errors - with a vCard, these mistakes can be avoided.

On launch, each member record searchable using the Find a Lawyer feature contains a vCard for download. The vCard contains name, primary address, company name, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, web page address, and Bar number. Using your web browser, right click to Save or left click to Open the vCard. Users of Outlook will note that the vCard opens as a new Contacts entry and displays the information referenced above:

An Activities choice in the ribbon (highlighted below) provides a view of all correspondence with this Contact in the mail file:

Users of other mail clients such as Lotus Notes or Windows Mail may need to complete an import process to create the Contact entry - the import function is normally found under the mail client's File menu choice.

Note that the vCard download in no way provides access or permission to view the member's mail file or calendar. Very specific information from the member record is provided as an electronic business card, and, once downloaded, is a local file to be added to the user's mail client as they wish, but is not interactive or otherwise connected to Bar or other systems. Any changes or additions a downloading user makes to the Contacts entry are saveable only to his or her own mail client install.

For example, with respect to the Activities listing in the last screen shot, the items are listed because they are already present in the downloading user's mail file. The vCard simply builds the Contacts entry that allows a filter to be applied so that only mail messages and calendar entries from that contact display.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the vCard or other elements of the Find a Lawyer entry, please call Membership Records at (866) 854-5050.