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History of the Children's Law Workbook

The Children’s Law Workbook is the result of a research project undertaken by the University of Florida Levin College of Law’s Gator TeamChild at the request of the Commission on the Legal Needs of Children. The Children’s Law Workbook considers the laws in Florida relating to children, both in statutes and rules, regarding the following questions.

1) What is a Child?
2) When is a Child a Party?/ When is there a Right to Counsel
3) When is a Guardian Ad Litem appointed?
4) What is Confidential? Child's Right to Privacy?

Throughout the materials, the reader will find for example, how many different ways a "child" is defined.

We invite each reader to consider additional questions that should be researched about children's legal rights to develop a comprehensive database for children’s advocates. Your comprehensive questions should be forwarded to the staff director of The Florida Bar Commission on the Legal Needs of Children.

Acknowledgment: University of Florida Special Research Project Report

My special thanks to all of the members of the commission who contributed to this project. I also wish to personally acknowledge the contribution of Professor Claudia Wright, Associate Clinical Professor and Supervising Attorney, Gator TeamChild Advocacy Program (GAP), University of Florida College of Law, Research Project the University of Florida without whom this project could not have existed. She was assisted by Gator TeamChild Advocacy Program Fellow, Janella K. Leibovitz, as well as law student researchers: Cameron Doughtery, Kimberely Kroflich, and Suzanne Hollifield. Program Fellow. Special thanks to Patti Williams, Gator TeamChild and Nancy McDaniel and Darcy Stansberry of The Florida Bar, for their expert editorial and technical assistance.

It has been my pleasure to serve as Chairperson of this dedicated commission and to be able to share this great work.
Judge Sandy Karlan

InterAgency Agreement PDF document opens in new window - Model Document.

The Commission members reached a consensus that this document is a model agreement for information sharing beneficial to children in other jurisdictions within Florida. As with all agreements, the model should be modified to conform to particular circumstances.

Acknowledgment: We wish to acknowledge the considerable efforts of the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Broward School District in fashioning what is a model agreement in the sharing of information for the betterment of children in the system.

Jim Notter, Deputy Superintendent of the Broward County School District and Andrea Moore an Attorney Ad Litem in the 15th Circuit were instrumental in developing a model agreement in the sharing of information for the benefit of children in the system. Deputy Notter noted Broward will serve 260,000 students this year and is the fifth largest school district in the country. Florida Statutes 228.093(13) and 230.2183(16)(8) served as the foundation for the agreement.

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[Revised: 06-06-2011]