The Florida Bar

Special Commission on Lawyer Regulation

The Special Commission on Lawyer Regulation is charged to study the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, as adopted by the Supreme Court of Florida, and to evaluate the efficacy of the current system of lawyer regulation as those rules are implemented by The Florida Bar. After appropriate study and investigation, the commission is requested to report its findings to the board and recommend all changes that will increase the efficiency of lawyer regulation while balancing the expectations of the public and the rights and needs of Florida’s lawyers as individuals and as a profession.

The goals of the commission are to increase the speed with which matters are evaluated and conclusions reached; preserve the fairness of the system of lawyer regulation where existing levels are appropriate and enhance the level of fairness where possible; and reduce the expense associated with lawyer regulation.

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*Henry Matson Coxe, III, Chair

[Revised: 06-06-2011]